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The Greatness of the Universe


It is the best minute that the believer lives when he takes from science a way to the faith in Allah (the Almighty) and the certainty of the greatness of his book and its eternal miracles.….

There are numerous varieties of galaxies swimming in the universe and form building blocks in this vast cosmos. Moreover, there are hundreds of billions of galaxies or blocks in the seen cosmos. Inspite of this fact, those galaxies represent about 5% of the cosmic building and the rest 95% is dark and unseen matter. Each galaxy of those ones has more than a hundred thousand million stars! Glorified is He the Creator of that magnificent building!


The Cosmos as it appears through the modern telescopes. The stars, clouds gas and cosmic smoke appear in the figure. It is the greatness of the Creator (Exalted and Blessed is He). It is a perfect building that has no disturbance, space, gaps or fissures. This dignified scenery should be a means for the more faith in the Creator (Exalted and Blessed is He) and the more fear of His punishment. How it shouldn’t be as He says about His servant believers what follows: "The ones who remember Allah, upright and seated and on their sides, and meditate upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: “Our Lord, in no way have You created this untruthfully. All Extolment be to You! So protect us from the torment of the Fire!" Surat Al Imran (The House of Imran) verse no.191


Galaxies are decorating the cosmos the same as the pearls are decorating the string. In this figure, the far galaxies appear in their real colors the same as the decoration. The Qur'an has spoken about this scenery long centuries ago before the scientists see it in the saying of Allah (Blessed is He): "Have they not then looked at the heaven over them, how We have built it, and adorned it, and (how) in no way has it any rifts?" Surat Qaf verse no.6

The light passes about 300 thousand kilometers in the single second and it passes about 9.5 trillion kilometers in a complete year. In addition, the galaxy that lies billion light years far from us, its light needs billion years to reach us. During that period of time, the light of this galaxy passes s distance of 9.5 thousand million million million kilometers.



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


Source: NASA - ESO

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