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Diamonds in Space


Scientists discovered a large numbers of diamonds which are adorning the heaven, but pieces of diamonds are very small and unseen. Let us read this article and glorify the creator be He blessed and exalted….

In an article with a title "Diamonds in Space", scientists had found a large number of diamonds in the space. On earth, they are formed under high temperature and pressure, but in space they are formed under another circumstances as temperature is very low (240 degree under Zero -240) and pressure is almost non-existent! Simply diamond is the known coal but it is different from coal as its atoms are positioned in a special way to make that shining and strength.


In this virtual image we can see the very small pieces of diamonds while swimming beside a star. Glory to Allah, even the heaven He didn’t leave it without adorning by stars and diamonds!! God says to those skeptics :( Have they not looked at the heaven above them, how we have made it and adorned it, and there are no rifts in it?) (Sûrat Qâf - verse 6).

In this verse there is another meaning to (adorned it) which is a precise expression about the heaven, as diamonds is an adornment for women, so that it is an adornment for the heaven. God only knows.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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