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Darkness and light : scientific vision


Glorified be Allah! In every scientific discovery, I find that Your Book, has already clearly spoken about. How wouldn’t it be so and you said: ‘’In no way have We neglected anything whatever in the Book’’((Cattle) ….

New universe realities:

According to the newest theories, scientists say that the universe age is estimated to 13.7 billions years. Furthermore, the universe has started from a great explosion, and then stars and galaxies started to take form.

But, a problem has been found among these scientists, because normally the explosion would light up, hence, the universe and the universe would directly start lightening up.

However, the latest discoveries showed that at the beginning, the universe passed through dark eras during millions of years! And then, galaxies and stars started taking form to put an end to the dark era, and begin the light one. 


Scientists say that they have discovered a 13 billion light years-distance galaxy from us. This galaxy is considered to be the furthest one from the earth with a slight light that can be seen only by very sophisticated techniques.  A team of California scientists say that they have observed this very galaxy by Keck II on a dormant volcano.

It is a large universe that no one knows its limits but Allah. Observatory has recently discovered a galaxy situated 13 billion light years far from our galaxy. It is said that such a discovery may help giving a clearer idea about dark eras that had dominated the universes during a very long period at the beginning of its creation and before the existence of the light.

Scientists confirm that they could, by telescope dimension enlarging, see a light that has been come from galaxies. These galaxies had been formed 13 billion years ago, when the universe had 550 million years. At that time, the universe was still in the dark era.

Scientists explain this discovery saying that they used attractive lens, and near galaxy light as lens in order to enlarge and amplify the light coming from these slight stars.

The scientific reality:

The reality is that the universe started by dark eras during millions of years. Then, starts started taking form and transmitting light. Hence, the darknesses had been created before the light.

Qur’anic reality:

Among Qur’an miracles, Allah had spoken about the beginnings of the creation, and had mentioned the darknesses before the light!! Allah the Almighty says: ‘’Praise be to Allah Who created the heavens and the earth, and made darkness (es) and light, thereafter the ones who have disbelieved unjustly set up equals (Or: rivals) to their Lord.’’ (Surat Al-Anaam (Cattle): 1). Likewise, if we do look in the verses speaking about the beginning of the creation, we would certainly find out that Allah the Almighty always mentions the darkenesses before the light. 

Miraculous facts:

Here is exposed one of miraculous aspects. Allah the almighty starts in this noble verse by praising Himself because He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth: ‘’ ’Praise be to Allah Who created the heavens and the earth’’. Then, and in order to confirm thet He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He gave us scientific fact which is darknesses, first, and the light: ‘’and made darkness (es) and light’’. Yet, those disbelievers set up equals to Allah and deny His bounty: ‘’ thereafter the ones who have disbelieved unjustly set up equals (Or: rivals) to their Lord.’’.

This means that Qur’an words and expressions are perfectly accurate. Let’s consider how the Qur’an didn’t say (created darkness (es) and light) but said (and made darkness (es) and light), because both darkness and light are a result of the creation of the heavens and the earth. Allah the Almighty created the heavens and the earth matter, and then, this matter passed through dark eras, and then the light came. Thus, the word ‘’made’’ is the appropriate in this context scientifically speaking.

Furthermore, Qur’an always expresses darkness in the plural form (darknesses), and expresses light in the singular form (light). This is explained by the fact that the darkness rate is more than 96% in the universe, i.e. almost all the universe is dark, and where as the light rate is much smaller, which is another miraculous fact. 


Therefore, there are three facts in the verse ‘’and made darkness (es) and light’’:

1.                   The verse indicated that the darknesses and the light are the result of the creation of the heavens and the earth. Fact which is scientifically correct.

2.                   The verse indicated that the darkness had been made before the light. Fact that is confirmed by scientists today.

3.                   The verse indicates through the word (darknesses) in plural and (light) in singular, that darkness is much bigger than light in the universe. This is what scientists say today. They confirm that the universe contain more than 96% of dark matter and dark energy!

We say as Allah the Almighty said: ‘’ And say, “Praise be to Allah! He will soon show you His signs (and) then you will recognize them; and in no way is your Lord ever heedless of whatever you do.”Sû ‍rat An-Naml (The Ant):93) 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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