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A collapsing star at the Galactic Center


The Scientists observed a Stellar Collapse at the Galactic Center, we might find marvelous Quran signals in the verse " By the Star when it goes down…

Scientists of Astronomy and galaxies started examining new information coming from the center of the galaxy which contains our planet, these information are primary data which can further enlighten the core of this massive galaxy. Scientists also start analyzing these interesting data which was obtained form continues and studied observation by one of the largest telescope on earth, Gemini North at Gemini Observatory in Hawaii on the Pacific ocean.

These interesting pictures show a stellar collapse with very huge cosmic cloud at the core of the Milky Way galaxy. The scientists believe that these pictures will bring about new discoveries that will change the current understanding of the galactic center.

This weird star, which has the taxonomic name ARS 8, according to the scientists, was a mass of aggregated gases until North Gemini approached it. The optical techniques used in it showed that this picture is for stellar collapse in cosmic gas and dust cloud near to the galactic center.

The revelation about this star is considered a victory in the efforts of understanding the nature of the galactic core through the scientists knowledge for how the stars and the cosmic gases are moving relatively, also the intensive study of the component of gas clouds, the circumstances and the climatic conditions surrounding the star means that new scientific method in searching for the details of milky way center will be developed later.

The galactic center, according to the scientists, is an interesting and weird place, as it is possible to observe self rotating rings of cosmic gases and stars that are rapidly rotating around black hole enormously massive by cosmic measurements.


A picture of highly brilliant star moving in the vast universe, scientists said that all stars moving rapidly and that there is no quiet star as was thought in the past. Allah be He Exalted stated that in the Holy Quran: "They float each in an orbit." (40 Ya Seen). All Praises to Allah. Source of picture is NASA.


A Picture of the brilliant galaxy M101, scientists said that Universe has billions of galaxies which in turn have billions of stars, all these stars rotate and move, some of them collapse into the galactic center, some hit other stars and there is more things which nobody knows except Allah, the Exalted.

The Surprising about this revelation is that the Holy Quran had pointed out the fact of Stellar Collapse and star rapid rotation, Allah. Almighty say: " By the Star when it goes down * Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.* Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire.* It is no less than inspiration sent down to him* He was taught by one Mighty in Power," (An-Najm – 1-5)

These verses mentioned many features that all the stars do have such as: stellar collapse, rapid rotation, all stars run out of fuel then collapse and implode. Therefore, the word "goes down" in the first verse can exactly express these phenomena.

Accordingly, Allah Almighty, had sworn by this phenomenon which we realized recently that his Apostle, Muhammad peace be upon him, does not speak of his own desire and that every word he said was inspiration from Allah, as if Allah, the Exalted wants to say to every suspicious with the honesty of Muhammad's message that the time when you discover these phenomena will come and your observatory will detect pictures which you will never doubt for stellar collapse.

As long as you never doubt these amazing phenomena which you discovered nowadays and was not known at the time of Quran revelation, you ought to realize that the teller of the Holy Quran is Allah, the Exalted.

Finally, we can say that such researches and studies can serve as tangible evidence on the honesty of the Holy Quran and the message of Islam.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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