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Did man land on the moon?


We want to discuss some of the rumors that have spread recently about the fact of man landing on the moon and if the first astronaut converted to Islam because he heard the (Adhan) the Muslim call for prayers when he was on the moon?…

A dear brother asked a question about the landing of the first man on the moon, and how some scientists denied that claim. They said that the photos which were taken on the moon were fabricated and were really taken on earth. The question here: Is this claim true?

Dear beloved ones, I say that the believer is smart and wise, and it is not easy to convince him by false things. In our journey with scientific miracles, we always  make sure of any scientific fact  for hundreds of times and from different scientific sources  to make our words correct, documented, consolidated and close to the mind and the heart. This is our approach in researches and I wish all brothers and sisters follow the same approach.

Landing of the first man on the moon was a very unique historical event. It raised a big noise in 1969 when NASA launched Apollo flight. There were different reactions and rumors were made about this event. The most surprising rumor was that astronaut Neil Armstrong has announced his conversion to Islam because he heard the (Adhan) the call for prayers on the surface of moon! But the one who made this rumor forgot that the moon does not have an atmosphere and sound doesn`t spread in space!

Some western scientists have questioned the landing of the man on the moon (their aim was to be famous! as stated by one of the amateur astronomers in an article on the BBC web site. He said that there are mistakes in the published photos by NASA which assure that they were fabricated. To avoid prolonging we will present only one example. He displayed an image of the American flag flapping on the surface of the moon. He said that the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere or any wind on its surface so where did the winds come from?


The photo shows one of the astronauts on the moon beside the flapping American flag. Where did the air which was moving the flag come from?. Also, shadow of the astronaut doesn`t match the shadow of the spaceship. They also say that the astronaut`s suite is not sufficient enough to block the strong radiation on the surface of the moon and the image does not show the stars in the sky of the moon which should appear…….etc. You can look at some sites which believe that landing on the moon is a lie, For example see reference (1)

Actually, astronauts had arranged for this historical picture and studied it well before, therefore they placed metal wires inside the flag to appear as if it is flapping. The light on the surface of the moon is different from Earth (as we know) the moon has no atmosphere as Earth, so it does not show the stars clearly. Moreover, shadow of things on the surface of the moon is different from the surface of earth because the surface of the moon does not have day such as on the Earth .If you look at the sky you will see it black. 

The photo shows astronaut Armstrong and his colleague fixing the position of the flag to appear as if it is flapping in the photo. For more information, visit NASA site. Don`t forget that the space ship is equipped with advanced technologies too. It cost billions of dollars; therefore the success of the film is very necessary. They wanted this film to record the event historically; therefore they arranged it very well. The astronauts` suites were also studied carefully to bare the radiation; as well the timing of the trip was studied well in order to land on the safe part of the moon (reference 2).

If we suppose that NASA scientists wanted to lie (as some people say), this lie should involve thousands of people at least: the spaceship crew, the engineers who are the supervisors of the design, the launching and control of the spaceship as well as the participants team of scientists and researchers and all NASA scientists. The media must participate too in this lie because as we know a scientist can`t deceive his colleague easily.  

Do you expect that thousands of scientists at NASA and space agencies in the world are conspiring, and for what? Politicians and ordinary employees who work on operating the spaceship on the moon and the equipment on Earth should also participate in this lie too. Most important is how they guaranteed that all people kept their deceiving for 38 years! Even if we believe that NASA agency deceives people it means that we must doubt all astronomy science and facts today, and this is impossible.

Our question is: Why didn`t Russian scientists who were in a race and war case with America object to the fact of the landing on the moon? Why didn`t Chinese, Japanese scientists and European Space Agency and other Space Agencies in the world made an objection? Notice that there is no space agency in the world objects to the landing of man on the moon, those who object to this event are only few scientists and amateurs. Why haven`t we see any of the  scientists object to the flights carried out by NASA to Mars which is  more far away from the moon hundred times at least?        

We also say: If any space agency can promote such a lie (as this), we would have seen many claims every day. It is easy for someone to claim that he could go outside the galaxy or to travel in a speed faster than the speed of light and other things which are impossible in science. NASA agency posted an article to replay on these claims. You can look at reference (3) at the end of research.

Fox T.V displayed a documentary program about the landing of man on the moon as a lie and conveyed a lot of fabricated ideas which a lot of scientists and concerned people replied to this claim. This site is a neutral one, which views the program and the scientific replies to the claim, reference (4).  

Dr. McKay  Head of scientists at NASA agency, says: Fabricating one rock and making it  appear like the rocks on the moon is much harder than landing on the moon! The samples which astronauts brought back were examined by thousands of laboratories in many countries of the world and no scientists claimed that these samples are not taken from the moon. In addition, there is a lab at NASA with a store that contains many samples of moon rocks and dust (hundreds of kilograms). These samples were seen by thousands of scientists from many countries of the world. Where did these moon rocks and dust come from? You go to reference (5).This is also another neutral site which presents details of the claim and drives logical scientific proofs, reference (6).  

The moon`s surface is always exposed to meteorites which hits the moon`s rocks at a speed of 80,000 kilometers per hour so it makes a big hole in the rocks. These meteorites do not penetrate Earth`s rocks, but they scattered in the atmosphere which Allah Almighty made it a safe ceiling for us! Moreover, the moon`s rocks contain a lot of radioactive isotopes that emerged as a result of accumulated emitting by cosmic ray. This ray diminishes within the magnetosphere of the earth; that’s why earth`s rocks are very different from moon`s rocks. Here we remember the grace of Allah Almighty in his verse: (And We have made the heaven a roof, safe and well guarded. Yet they turn away from its signs (i.e. sun, moon, winds, clouds, etc.)).

] Al Anbia: 32[

Did the scientists find a glowing material in the moon?

Long ago, scientists began talking about an illumination on the surface of the moon discovered that the moon`s surface has a radioactivity which is different from the Earth. That is because Earth is surrounded by a strong magnetic field that saves the Earth from any cosmic radiation. However the moon does not have any atmosphere, therefore, it receives a large amount of electrified solar wind and cosmic radiation. This radiation interact with the moon’s dust and makes it reflect the sun rays more than the rest of other planets, so it seems  not only illuminating, but very illuminating!! 

Dr. Mark Norman from the University of Tasmania says: We have examined the samples from the moon and find them different from the Earth`s rocks and the most thing that distinguish them is the proportion of glass in the dust of the moon! This glass is 3 billion years and there are no proportion of glass in the rocks on Earth which have the same age .This glass is the reason why the moon seems more illuminating than other planets. Before  I continue my discussion with you brothers and sisters, I  remember a great Quran  verse in which Allah Almighty describes the moon as an  illumining object: (Blessed be He Who has placed in the heaven big stars, and has placed therein a great lamp (sun), and a moon giving light)] Al Furqan:61[. It is curious to find some scientists reveal glowing spots on the surface of the moon as it was stated by the BBC News website in an article titled “lights glow on the moon”. Scientists said that the moon is not a dead object as it was believed before; there are radiation activities on the surface. To know more information about this scientific discovery go to BBC News website.

In a new research on NASA site, scientists found that the moon receives a lot of cosmic particles coming from the sun and they are electrically charged. Consequently, the surface of the moon becomes electrically charged at specific times which forms storms of moon`s dust. When sun light (photons of light) fall, it reacts with moon`s dust and glow strongly like an electric lamp receiving amount of electricity! See reference (8).

Recently, scientists found that the moon`s dust is very dangerous because it is electrified; the design of the moon helps to make it an object which is strongly influenced by the sun and seems illuminating. The absence of a magnetic field around the moon and the nature of moon`s soil resulting from the defamation of millions of meteorites, and the distance of the moon from the earth and the sun, in addition to the distinguished composition of the moon`s soil which contains a large proportion of glass! All these factors help the moon to spread large amounts of light, to appear glowing to us. Unlike the Earth which, if we viewed it from the moon side, we will not see it illuminating .This illumination gives the moon a distinctive feature. Scientists have noticed the presence of glowing spots caused by radioactivity on the surface of the moon, thus, this scientific discovery has been  stated by the Quran fourteen centuries as Allah Almighty describes it as a glowing body, the Almighty says: (and a moon giving light) reference(9)

 Did Armstrong hear the Adhan (call for prayers) on the moon?

There is a strong rumor says that Armstrong heard the Adhan on the moon, so did the first astronaut to land on the moon became a Muslim?In fact, such rumors spread strongly among people; unfortunately, we find senior Muslim scholars believe that without checking the source of information.

The rumor says that the first astronaut to land on the moon in 1969 heard the Adhan on the moon, and then when he was on a trip to an Arab country he heard the Adhan and asked what it is. He was told that it is the Muslim call for prayers. He said I`ve heard the same voice on the moon, and then he converted to Islam. In order to make the lie more elaborate, they said that NASA fired him from his job as a result of his conversion to Islam, he said: “I lost my job, but found Allah!”

After searching, it became clear that the astronaut was not fired from his job, and found that he repeatedly said that he respected Islam but he is still on his religion. Anyone who analyzes this rumor sees it contradicts itself. How can an astronaut, also an engineer who studied the laws of spreading of sound can hear this sound and keep silent. He did not record the sound or tell anyone about it or register the patent of a new discovery. Then he waits for years to hear it again in an Arab country and asks what's that sound, as if, he, the one who landed on the moon is an ordinary person and not a researcher and a scientist!

Today, you can make sure from any information in the internet. NASA Agency put an up to date biography of astronaut Armstrong (March 2008) and did not mention his conversion to Islam or firing him from his job or anything else. You can go to NASA site to be sure of this information. (Ref. No. 10).

Of course, any rumor carries the prints of its owner who started the rumor. This person forgot that sound does not spread in space, and that the surface of the moon does not contain air, so where did the sound come from? What about the rest of the team who was with him. Why this rumor chose this man (Armstrong)? Of course because he is the most famous among them!

During his visit to Malaysia, Armstrong was asked about the news of his conversion to Islam which he denied. He also denied hearing the voice of prayer on the moon. Though, he stressed his respect to Islam. Such statements were posted on hundreds of sites, for example, the reference number (11).

Did the moon split?

One brother called me long ago and asked me about the fact of the split of the moon. I told him that Allah has told us about the split of the moon and we believe everything stated in the Quran, but he heard repeatedly that NASA scientists discovered, during their journey to the moon, that the moon has split in half and then cohered back again!!! But after a long discussion with some atheist scientists it became clear that NASA scientists did not say that. They completely deny any such thing, though they admit that the surface of the moon contains long cracks, they did not discover the cause of the cracks until now! For more information on this topic, you can find an article entitled: “did NASA scientists discover that the moon has split? Reference (12)


1– Man’s landing on the moon is an inescapable fact, and is in accordance with the holy verse:

(O assembly of jinn and men! If you have power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass beyond (them)! But you will never be able to pass them, except with authority (from Allâh) ] AL Rahman:33[. Man could not go outside the diameters of heaven, but he is still within the limits of his solar system, and all he did was travelling in space for very short distance! Of course nobody denied this fact, only few researchers who are not scientifically recognized, there is no international agency that has denied such fact, it’s only a matter of propaganda.


2 - The astronaut Armstrong did not convert to Islam, even if we wished him to do that, but Allah guides whom He wills. If he converted to Islam he will not benefit anyone but himself, and the religion of Islam is a strong religion in itself and does not need for anyone, but people are in need of Islam.

3 -The miracle of split of the moon is a definite fact to us as muslins .Though NASA scientists did not say that, I think that days will reveal new facts to prove the truth of this miracle to those atheists who deny any miracle. We should not say that NASA scientists stated that the moon split in half, only by significant scientific evidence.

4- When Allah Almighty described that the moon is glowing and said (and a moon giving light) it means that the moon is distinguished from other planets with glowing feature, and that was proved by scientists through their analysis of moon rocks and soil. Scientists found that these rocks contain a high proportion of glass. They also discovered active radiation on the surface of the moon which enables the moon to reflect the sun’s rays strongly to make it seem illuminative indeed, as described by Allah, and this proves that the Qur'an is accurate in its expression.

I advise each brother and sister to follow this advice:

I found a lot of sites which deny such news and mock of Muslims who believe anything!! Therefore, I advise my brothers and sisters: Do not give a chance for atheists to play with your minds, and don’t participate in advertising for such rumors that do not serve Islam. You must make sure of source of information prior to publication, how much I wish from brothers and sisters who believe such rumors to contact NASA agency in order to make sure of the news because NASA is the  most professional source about this and knows better than us. I also wish they write to the astronaut Armstrong himself to make sure of his conversion to Islam, rather than working hard in spreading this false report! I cannot find a solution for this phenomenon: the phenomenon of fabricating articles which are attributed to the scientific miracles, but to increase our greatest prayers on our great Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


















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