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Contribution through translation to other languages


Here are some ideas to help you to contribute with us…

Sisters and brothers.....

We are working seriously to extract the endless miracles in Qur'an to put it between hands of all people all over the world , as a result we have got this wonderful site which contains tens of books, researches and articles … so that we are asking all people to help us in disseminating this useful science to other international languages.

Now, the English site is open also the French, Farisi and Indonesian site and we are working with other teams all over the world to translate to the Greek which will be opened soon.

Again, we are seeking to transfer this science to about one billion Muslim and five billion non- Muslim all over the world.

Here are some ideas to help you to contribute with us:

1.                   To translate articles to other languages such as (German- Spanish- Danish- Italian- Russian- Urdu - Greek -Farisi- Chinese – etc…………).

2.                   To publish the translated articles of the scientific miracles in forums or in your personal Blog, referring to the name of the site to increase the interest and to facilitate the return to different articles and references. 

3.                   The contribution by sending the address of  the website in other languages to your friends and relatives also to the other websites to get benefit from the free articles with reminding people that this site is free.

4.                   By publishing the site banner on forums and personal websites.

5.                   By printing, distributing and sending an article of your choice to friends and relatives.

6.                   By Financial donations even with a small amount of money.

7.                   To supplicate Allah almighty to ease that work for us and to accept all of our deeds.


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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