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Amazements Healing Through Fasting, Food and Quran


In celebrating this noble month, I like to remind myself and you some of the scientific secrets regarding fasting. In addition, to remind myself and you concerning the foods’ secrets   between science and faith….

Every year, we prepare ourselves to meet Ramadan month which is the best month of the whole year. To feel the aspiration of worshiping and to approach it with great desire, we must know the secrets of this worshipping, and to know the scientific secrets to the elementary foods that were mentioned in the noble Quran. Let us dive together and visualize these wonderful benefits:

The most important thing: To be psychologically ready for fasting

The believer who realizes the benefits of fasting in this life, and the delights he would achieve in the hereafter, he with no doubt greets this month with great energy, eagerness, enthusiasm to fast and meet it with good and comfortable psychological state. This would strengthen the believers’ immune system, and hence, achieving the optimum benefit of fasting.

In contrary to who meets Ramadan with disappointment! He probably smokes and worries about losing some cigarettes during the day, or eats so much and is afraid of losing some meals because of fasting. And some people are used to amusement, enjoyment and disobeying Allah, so they would feel that this month is going to constrict them and prevent them from some pleasures. 

People like those don’t feel the joy of fasting. Instead, days pass by heavily, and they count the days with frustration waiting for the month to end. Thus my brothers and sisters, we must read articles like this one to prepare ourselves psychologically to perform this worshiping when knowing its secrets.

Did you know that fasting kills viruses and rejects toxics out?

Scientists say that avoiding food and drink for limited periods give the immune system an opportunity to accomplish its responsibility better and it relaxes the other body systems because extra food does weaken the body. Hence, just by performing fasting, your body cells start discarding accumulated toxics that have been built through out the year. You will feel highly energetic, psychologically relaxed and full of life!

Western studies assure that fasting treats diabetes and heart problems.

  A new study revealed that discontinuous fasting like fasting amongst Muslims is essential to treat some of the prolonged diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Also, another study that was published in the American Society of Animal Science Organization revealed that discontinuous fasting increases the efficiency of two of the hormone’s “adiponectin” receptors. This hormone helps regulate the body consumption of glucose, fatty acids catabolism, and it increases cells response to insulin hormone which regulates the build up and the break down of glucose in the body.                              There is another study that was prepared by experts in nutrition and was published via British association for nutrition regarding fasting. This study was aimed toward a group of people who fast during Ramadan. Changing meals’ times and reducing them to two main meals daily helps to increase the body response to insulin hormone for those who would possibly be diagnosed with diabetes.

Fasting decreases the chance of causing inflammation

After experimenting on some mammals, a study was done by researchers from Grenoble France University showed that discontinuous fasting is responsible for decreasing the chance of having some types of lymph’s inflammatory to almost 0%. Also, other studies showed that discontinuous fasting is accountable for increasing the likelihood healing among people who suffer from damages to their livers’ tissue which has a chance to become inflamed in the future.

Fasting slows elderly phase

Beside the benefits of fighting prolonged diseases, fasting also slows elderly phases crawling to the brain cells. Scientific studies showed how discontinuous fasting helps in delaying the phases of the brain’s cells to become old, and it assists in slowing the development of Alzheimer disease. This study was done via “The Research Institute for the Care of the Elderly” regarding the possible effect of discontinuous fasting and some dieting were the amount of calories consumed is reduced to half. The study found that fasting contributes in slowing the elderly phase to the brains’ tissues.

Fasting reduces the probability of being diagnosed with cancer

In a new study that was accomplished via scientists from California University and was published in “Psychology and Endocrine Glands Magazine”, the scientists proved that fasting relentlessly stops the division of cancerous cells. In their results, fasting was more effective than following a certain diet.

Do you have extra weight… the opportunity is in front of you

This is what all of doctors assure us. Avoiding food is the easiest and cheapest way to lose weight. This can be achieved via fasting. Allah Almighty gave you a gift no one knows its values unless realizing its benefits. This gift is Ramadan. This month is an opportunity for you to control your body and to get rid of the access fat, and it gives a chance to regulate hormones and blood cells to reorganize the body systems and to treat the extra fat.

Do you have a prolonged disease doctors and medicine couldn’t treat?

There are plenty of studies which guarantee that fasting treats prolonged diseases. A prolonged disease is the one which medicines failed to treat so it stays for a long period. Now, this is the golden opportunity to heal what ever that disease is. Diseases regarding liver, kidneys, colon… and other complicated diseases, scientists have found a successful cure. It is fasting!

And when you realize my believed brothers and sister the importance of fasting in healing complicated diseases, you with no doubt will become more eager to meet this month. You will also feel the happiness and pleasure while performing fasting because you will obtain lots of benefits.

Fasting proves its ability to treat arthritis

Fasting is used today in western world (in their way) to treat joints’ inflammations and back aches successfully. Fasting is a process similar to “magic” in its ability to organize the work of the different body systems, healing pains related to cervical bones, back, neck or legs bones.

I also want to tell you about another advantage: which is to eat dates during “Eftar (the meal consumption after fasting) and Sohor (the meal consumption before dawn).” Dates has shown it ability to treat knees and joints pains because it consists of “seen through information” that can regulate cells and increases the body immunity to cease the pains.

Dates…. Then dates

We can’t count the medical benefits of this blessing seed that Allah (SWT) has mentioned in his book, and the prophet (peace be upon him) has mentioned it in his sayings. Date is considered a complete diet. It consists of uncountable good substances for the body; it contains numbers of minerals, and essential vitamins. The sugar it contains is easy to absorb, and doesn’t harm even diabetic people (if they consume it with intermediate amount). So my beloveds, don’t forget dates on your dining tables even without Ramadan!         

Fruit… curing and nourishment

Allah (SWT) has created many types of fruits and prepared them for us to be used as food and medicine. All researchers assure that fruits are very healthy. You should remember them when you break your fast, and don’t forget that fruits are the food of people in paradise.

Allah Almighty says: “Then, We brought forth for you therewith gardens of date palms and grapes, wherein is much fruit for you, and whereof you eat.” [Al-Muminun: 19]. He also said: “And fruit in plenty* Whose supply is not cut off (by change of season) nor are they out of reach.”[Al-Waqiah: 32-33]. And I would like to remind you dear reader that the best types of fruits are the ones mentioned in Allah’s Almighty book such as fig, grapes and pomegranate.

And glory to Allah (SWT). There is no kind of fruits except it has some medical benefits. And that is from Allah’s delights for us. My advice to you is to eat more fruits and to avoid fast food or sweets that contain plenty of artificial sugar which can cause many diseases such as diabetes if it was consumed with great amount.

Don’t forget herbs

Allah (SWT) gave us numerous types of herbs that have curing benefits such as anyus, chamomile, cumin and green tea. Science has demonstrated uncountable advantages for these herbs. They are good for the heart, neurons, and for diseases concerning blood pressure and cholesterol. They also assist in regulating hormones levels and systematizing cells’ work. My advice to you is to stay away from soda, such as cola, and to concentrate in consuming known medical herbs. 

Olive oil from a blessing tree

Many researches proved that olive oil is one of the best nutrition for human. That because of its ability to cure many diseases such as heart problems, stroke, ulcer, cancer and it numbs pains. Other studies also say that olive oil reduces the toxicity levels (which damages cells) in the body cells. Olive oil contains antibodies that protect your cells from the toxicity danger!

Charity alleviates diseases!

When medicals fail to treat your illness, you should try this “magical treatment” which is charity in the sake of Allah. Allah Almighty is capable to arrange for you the causes of healing and to show you the suitable treatment, but how? By giving deprived people some money, and by donating some money to spend for the sake of Allah (SWT) to preach for Allah’s (SWT) religion. That might be a reason to guide a person who went astray. To spend some money to please Allah (SWT), Allah will reward you a lot, save you causes of treatment, show you the appropriate medicine to your illness and relieve your pain. 

Easy advices

Also my dears; don’t forget taking too many steps to the mosques. Walking is one of the best workouts that protect the body from possible strokes and heart attack. It also helps reducing weight and treating many diseases especially the ones regarding spinal column, back and nick and legs pains. Moreover, it helps in treating blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

There is also a golden advice which is to have the honey available on your house because it is a medicine for every sickness! Science has proved many advantages for this amazing substance. It is the best cure for prolonged coughing, and the finest to treat injuries and burns…

Milk is a significant nutrition substance that you shouldn’t disregard. It is useful for ulcer, bones aches, and is very important for children development…..

Be careful from anger. It is the worst enemy for the heart and the brain. Anger and nervous tension may cause sudden death, heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes. If you get angry, you should remember death because it is the best method for healing. We all are going to die and be buried under the ground. Everything will vanish, and only your deeds, patience, and also your good manners will leave with you which are the heaviest thing in your weighing scale in the judgment day.                                                                

Don’t forget smiling! It’s a treatment, medicine, and charity that will not cost you anything. Always smile. That will spread happiness around you where ever you were….. Smiling might also treats some diseases. This what doctors assure today. 

Being optimistic is the best way to increase your age, of course “Every matter there is a Decree (from Allah)” [Ar-Rad: 38]. But to live your life happily and with good health is way better. Researches say that being optimistic increases the immunity body response and cures many prolonged diseases.

Finally…….the Quran is the best treatment

Allah gave us all the materials that were mentioned previously to benefit from them and use them to treat our illnesses. However, there is a thing that is more important than all of these materials. It is Allah’s Almighty words the one who created the whole universe. It is “healing via the Quran”. Reciting the Quran and listening to it has a great influence on the cells, the heart, and all other body organs.

Reading the Quran humbly influences the heart work positively, increases the body’s immune system response, organizes the cells work and activates them especially the brain cells. And don’t forget to apply the Quranic instructions. Hearing and reciting the Quran is not enough, but practicing it is more importantly. That’s because the Quran was revealed to practice it and to follow its teaching. When you answer Allah’s call for prayer, it is a healing for you. When you are being patient, going to perform pilgrimage to Allah’s house, helping others, obey your parents or taking care of your kin, all these are efficient techniques to treat illnesses.

Now my beloved brothers and sisters: are you going to apply these advices and save your money and energy, and protect yourself from worst diseases from now on? 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel






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