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Healing by Fasting and Quran


Ramadan is considered the best month to recite the healing verses. It is the month where we should explore it and feel its values and advantages ….

A question always comes to my mind: which verses have I read to be cured from a particular illness? Are there specific verses for each disease? What are the best times for healing via the noble Quran?  

Since we are currently living in the blessing-filled month that is Ramadan, I would like to tell you my believing brothers and sisters that this month is the month of mercy and healing. Don’t let it pass without seeking healing from Allah (SWT) while reading the verses that are suitable for   your disease. If you are in good health and don’t complain about any sicknesses, it is your opportunity to protect yourself and your body against diseases in the future. But how can that be?

Of course, for each disease there are special verses Allah (SWT) has provided with information regarding healing. However, we lack the knowledge concerning these particular verses to specific diseases such as cancer, Migraine and satanic mania. I guarantee to you that curing does exist; however, Allah (SWT) hid it for us to struggle in researching and reading his words. For instance, Allah (SWT) hid the exact time of The Night of Decree for us to struggle in achieving it and to perform our best worshiping especially during the last ten days of Ramadan. 

Many researches were accomplished on ill people using the “Starvation method.” In the western world, they don’t know fasting according to Islam, and they don’t recognize the   aspiration related to Ramadan. They only do it for their own benefits. When doctors don’t succeed in treating a particular disease, they usually recommend fasting and preventing foods and drinks for limited periods each day.

Hence, the month of Ramadan is a special event to seek healing. We should not lose this month and leave it without benefiting from it. The optimum advantage occurs when we seek refugee to the noble Quran in this blessed month. The most important thing is to listen to the Quran (regardless of the chapter or the verse type). We should listen to the Quran every day as long as we can, and we should try to be humble and comprehend the meaning of the words.  

While listening to the Quran, you will cross the healing verse that is appropriate for your situation. So, you must repeat listening to the Quran especially the chapters that make you unperturbed when you hear them more often, or when feeling their effects in your heart more than others. And certainly, all Quranic chapters are great. 

These are some basic rules that I hope you will not neglect to obtain the great advantage; and healing is certain by Allah’s (SWT) will.

1- Dedicate yourself to putting aside some time every day for listening to the Quran. Even if it was only half an hour, listen while you are relaxed and think about Allah’s greatness.  Try to feel your heart when it is humbling, to sense your skin when shivering, and for your eyes to tear from fear of Allah (SWT).

2- Try your best to reduce eating and drinking during the night. Concentrate, in your dieting, on eating dates, yogurt, fruits, and water. Don’t forget to stay away from soda, fast food and packaged foods, except fish and organic food.

3- Try to deliver new information to others even via emailing or text messaging using your cell phone. This useful knowledge will be counted for you as giving charity even after your death! Try to print useful articles regarding the Quran and the Sunnah secrets, and post them in the mosque or any place where people can read it. Always trust that Allah (SWT) will give you for each letter a reward, and the reward is ten a like! 

4- Try to learn new thing regarding Allah’s book everyday during this holy month. If you, for example, read ten pages regarding the miracles, you will, by the end of this month, read 300 pages. Look at how much scientific knowledge you would obtain in only one month! 5- You must hasten in doing good deeds toward others.  Start with your relatives, since charity, helping others, forgiving them, and taking care of your kin…… all these deeds assist in healing your body and increasing your immune system response!

6- Dedicate yourself everyday in memorizing some verses from the Quran and a supplication that the noble prophet (peace be upon him) used to say.

7- Don’t let Satan whisper to you and set you back from remembering Allah almighty. Make sure you say (there is no God but Allah, the only one who has no companion. He owns all belongings, and to him we praise. He has the power on top of everything) 100 times each day. This is one of the most important recalls that we must memorize and apply. Also, don’t forget to read “Alroqia Al-shareia” which means; to seek Allah’s protection from Satan using recalls and supplications that the noble prophet (peace be upon him) used to say. You should read it everyday on yourself, your property, your family and your house!

Finally, don’t think about the difficulties that will face you when applying these recommendations. Just start and trust Allah (SWT), and He almighty will assist you and show you the causes for good deeds, healing, and success. 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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