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Brain scan 'can read your mind'


Is the day when the scientists are able to know what the man is thinking of and what he is hiding from people coming? This is what the scientists hope but what is the truth? Let us read?

Scientists from Britain, Germany and Japan finally managed to read the mind and what the person think of! They have used imaging device using magnetic resonance, (Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI) after doing many amazing experiments.

They have asked a person a question which has the answer of either yes or no, and the MRI always showed the area of the brain related to the question. If the answer is yes, a specific area in the brain will be activated and the device will immediately detect this activation, whereas if the answer is no, another area of the brain will be activated and consequently detected by the device.


A real photo of the brain taken by MRI showing the activation of specific areas of the brain during thinking of a certain matter, each area is specialized with one type of ideas. When a man is asked a question like, do you love this person or not?, the device detects the area responsible for yes or no answer before the man answers, as soon as thinking starts, the device will detect the answer and show on a computer monitor the glowing area of the brain from which the answer can be detected!! Surely using software specialized for this purpose.

Therefore, this device is used to tell you what you think of!! But the experiment still in the primary stage and the question is: can scientists one day reach to know all things the men think of?

Professor, Colin Blakemore says "we should not be very optimist at this stage, because experiments are at the start of the way. However, other scientists say that we could read people's mind and intentions and know their passion and plans.

Anyway, dear reader, I do not think that these experiments will develop on large scale, as Allah the Almighty says: " Allâh knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breasts conceal" (19: Gafir). this noble verse confirms that hidden things of the person is known by nobody except Allah, the Almighty, but techniques may develop and enable scientists from reading some of the person's mind through the brain but will not be able to know for example the person's tenet.          


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



[1] Brain scan 'can read your mind',, 9 February 2007.

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