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New facts: the flies have a cure!!!


In the latest scientific research Scientists have proved that flies that the Greatest Prophet told us about the presence of a cure in its wing,  this has certainly proved the truth of these prophetic speech.

A few years ago one of atheists said: How do you believe you Muslims that flies that carry disease have a cure? How you dip fallen flies in a liquid and then drink from this liquid? This action is unlogic and wise one cann’t do!

Indeed, I did not know then how should I argue, as the nature of an athiest is a materialistic one and atheist does not believe in supernaturalism, but wants a tangible physical evidence, he also does not recognize the tests carried out by Muslims, so it was necessary to wait until we get new facts about the flies that come from the West.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, experiments were carried out  in the field of producing antibiotics using insects, but surprisingly, what was done by Dr. "Joan Clark" in Australia, so when she found that flies have (contain) antibiotics on the surface of the body treating many of the diseases, so that flies have cure!!!

Those came across this research were surprised, but experiments have continued, as scientists carried out a lot of research in this area and found that flies that carry a lot of diseases also holds a lot of antibiotics that can cure these diseases, and therefore do not get diseased by them  (fly-borne)! !

This is logical because the fly has a lot of harmful bacteria on the outside of her body and therefore in order to continue in her life, it should also carry anti-bacterial materials, these material were furnished by God to protect it from viruses and diseases.

Surprisingly, scientists found that the best way to release (liberate) these vital substances is to dip the fly in a liquid!! Because these substances are concentrated on the outer surface of the fly body and wing.

Brothers in God! This information did not appear until a few years ago, when talking about by Western scientists themselves, they were talking surprisingly, because it is new and strange for them also, in one study stated in the beginning of the article as follows:

The surface of flies is the last thing you can expect to find antibiotics on.

Today, doctors from Russia have been trying to develop new treatment using flies, where they observed that flies contain a lot of material that can help to recover more than traditional medicines, and say that this new therapy will make (cause) a revolution in the world of medicine [6].

Scientists say that flies carry many types of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microbes, but at the same time it carries on the surface of its body materials against these pathogens, and the best method to extract these biological material from the fly is to dip it in a liquid, and these new discoveries, puzzled researchers were not expected ever to find disease and medicine in the same creature, flies!! The question is: Is this what the Prophet the greatest told us peace be upon him? 

So now we have two scientific facts:

1 – The outer surface of the flies contains antibiotics killing bacteria and viruses.

2 - The best way to release (liberate) these antibiotics is to dip the fly in the liquid.

Strangely lovers of God! That the holy Prophet, peace be upon him talked about these two facts in one speech he said: (If there is any one of you flies fall in his drink he dip it and take it out, because one of its wings has a disease and the other contains the medicine [Bukhari].

This is a noble prophetic call for us not to waste food, which happened  flies fall in, it is enough to dip it, so the flies release the anti-bacterial substances. But many atheists who wonder of this talk and even mocked the Prophet of mercy, peace be upon him.  Today we find their scholars, repeat the the Prophet’s words and they do not feel!!!


Entomologists confirm in their their latestresearch, that there is a great similarity between the  fly’s and the human heart! There are the same symptoms of heart disease resulting from aging, therefore, they strive to utilize flies in the manufacture of heart disease medications, i.e., that flies have a heart cure, too [2]!!

  The Professor Juan Alvarez Bravo of the University of Tokyo, says: "The last thing ttan one can accept is to see the flies in the hospital! But we soon will witness an effective treatment for many diseases that is extracted from flies [3]!

There are also some researchers in the United States trying to find new ways of healing using flies and they confirm that the treatment using flies is scientifically accepted in the near future.

A few months ago some researchers from Auburn University got a patent for their discovery of a protein in the saliva of the fly, this protein can accelerate the healing of wounds and chronic skin cracks [4]!

Since only few days, researchers at Stanford University [5] declared that it is the first time they discover a substance in the flies can strengthen the immune system of the human being!

According to Clark, a researcher, and I quote:
"But we are looking where we believe no-one has looked before,"
That is, we are looking for antibiotics in a place no one predicted for [1]! But this researcher and others forgot that the Prophet of Mercy peace be upon him has told us about the presence of cure in the fly wing one thousand and four hundred years ago!

One wonders the accuracy of the expression of Prophet Mohammad, which define (assured) the presence of the cure in the wing of the fly, and define the method of extracting this cure through dipping the fly in the liquid. This information has not been discovered only a few years ago. This speech testifies the honesty of our Prophet peace be upon him, and also it contains a reply to any one claiming that the talks of the Prophet are full of myths, moreover every word uttered by him is Right from God the Almighty.

Finally: Do you, my atheist friend will convince with these facts that came from your scholars who can not deny their experiments and published research on their sites?
Is your heart will submit to the call of Right? Will you change your look for this true religion? ...
We ask the Almighty God to guide us and provide us with beneficial knowledge, and to benefit those came across this article, Oh my God the most listener to prayer.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



1- Danny Kingsley , The new buzz on antibiotics,,  1 October 2002.

2- Fruit Flies May Pave Way To New Treatments For Age-related Heart Disease, Burnham Institute, 2007.

3- The ointment in the fly: antibiotics, The Economist, December 3, 1994.

4- Protein in Fly Saliva Speeds Healing of Incisions, Wounds, Auburn University, 23 Jan 2005.

5- Fruit Fly Insight Could Lead To New Vaccines, Stanford University, March 11, 2007.

6- The fly effect: Russian scientists invent new medicine with the help of flies, St. Petersburg State University, 2006.


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