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Sudden Death, New Miracle


Mohammad peace be upon him had talk about sudden death, Let's read what our Prophet said and what modern science found….

Prophet Mohammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) said: (One of resurrection day’s signs is the appearance of abrupt death) [Attabarani]. A scientific miracle appears in this prophetic tradition that will be proven by undisputable medical facts, this miracle certifies that Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) is a messenger sent by the almighty God, never utters by preconception (by his own inclination); lkcu89 each word he uttered was of God inspiration.

United Nations organization informs us everyday about numbers of those who die due to cerebral apoplexies and cardiac arrest, these numbers increase continuously, and statistics say that cardiac diseases are the main cause of death universally.

Through this research we will find that no one in Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) age could imagine that there will be a time in which the abrupt death increases except if the prophet was inspired by God, who instructed him these sciences.

The First One to Study This Phenomenon Scientifically

The abrupt death phenomenon is relatively a recent phenomenon, and the first study of it is the study of Framingham (Framingham heart study), that began in 1948 AD, half of those who participated in this study are now dead, and their death cases have been studied precisely, and Framingham defines the abrupt death as it is the death which occurs within an hour after symptoms onset. It was found that several sudden death cases are resulted from cardiac coronary artery diseases which called Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). He demonstrated that men within the age range of 45-75 years old who died of cardiac diseases, 60% of them have died suddenly!! (2).

The study also demonstrated that the abrupt death is due to a kind of a sudden disturbance that might be caused by psychological reasons, no matter what intensive care is taken, and even if the patient was to be rescued by all means, this kind of death achieves its task successfully! (2).

What is The Sudden Death?

There is an aphorism that Old people used to say, it says : causes of death are multifarious are several, but death always remains the same, so we can understand the common idea about (regarding) death in the past, that death is due to defined reason; for example sickness, accidents and suicide or other reasons, but to speak about uncaused death, that is the sudden death which wasn’t known in the past.

As recent medicine tools and systems have been developed, we could discover death reasons; cancer, epidemic diseases and infectious diseases are some reasons which indicate that death might occur, but the most important reason for death presently is the cardiac clot that occurs suddenly.

Scientists define the abrupt death that it is unexpected death that occurs during short period that doesn’t overtake one hour, and it was demonstrated that half of those who are infected by cardiac diseases will die abruptly! Most of sudden death cases are resulted from disturbance in the coronary artery.

Sudden death attacks patient even if he/she is inside the hospital; studies proved that 10% of patients die abruptly in the hospital and 90% of them die outside the hospital (7).


The first cause of death in the United States is the cardiac disease; the cardiac clot which has the percentage of 28% of death cases. Reports affirm that during 2001AD 700 thousands humans died in the United States due to cardiac diseases! (6).

Yet, what are the numbers of those who die due to abrupt death? In the United States, 300 thousands humans die every year suddenly due to cardiac diseases. Statistics confirm that the rate of sudden death generally increases around the world and men are likely exposed to die suddenly three times more than women.

Sudden death occurs without any herald or signs of cardiac diseases. Although billions dollars are paid for cardiac diseases researches in the united states, and although they could reduce sudden death cases caused by cardiac diseases, sudden death rate is still constant (changeless)! (2).

Smoking and Psychological Depression

Smoking increases the probability of sudden death three times! That smoking is responsible for causing one fourth of coronal cardiac diseases (CAD) in the world, most of theses diseases end with sudden death.

Psychological depression affects the increasing of sudden death probability, also age affects the rate of increasing sudden death ; studies demonstrated that people are exposed to die suddenly during the forties and fifties and this period of human age is the period during which human is matured mentally enough, the chances of death for diabetic patients are so high (1).

Is There a Medical Therapy for This Disease?

Most of doctors talk about treatment after apoplexy occurs, because they have no treatment till now for these dangerous apoplexies, in spite of that, the probability of escape is very few. Doctors confirm that the ideal (successful) way to prevent this kind of abrupt death is to ensure more stability for heart function (5).

The available treatment presently is to make the patient under intensive care, then to precede surgery, and even these steps aren’t workable except in some cases. Doctors recommend reducing sugar and cholesterol amounts in these patients’ diet which is also not workable in this case.

So what about those who don’t have idea about their condition and no one can predict if sudden death attacks them without any alert? What is their treatment? Medicine fails to predict their case, but, did the merciful prophet Mohammad (God peace and blessing be upon him) ignored them or he described remedy for them??

What Is The Prophetic and Koranic Treatment?

The Almighty God mentioned heart in many verses in the holy Koran. Hearts become sick and hardened, they become blind and scared and become secure, they deflect and become impure, and they understand and realize. So, heart is not only a pump, it is an integral system that controls the psychological stability in human.

Mentioning God is the best way to make heart secure, Allah says in the Holy Quran: "Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah. for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction" (13 / 28). When a Muslim mentions his Lord, his heart will be stable and won’t suffer from disturbance; you can close your eyes and make your heart show reverence and fetch God’s Mightiness and say for example (no God, but Allah) and try to discover what feelings do you feel, don’t you feel that you are the most one who feel safe, secure and stability!

We found that sudden death is caused by abrupt disturbance in heart function (activity), therefore, doctors till now have failed to find out a treatment for this phenomenon, but Koran has solved it by this holy verse, so please imagine as you memorize the holy Koran by heart, won’t you expect that you’ll be the most psychologically stable among people?

Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) educated us a great prayer which he used to supplicate God with everyday; we imitate our merciful prophet and learn this prayer to supplicate God. Abu Dawood narrated that Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) said: "No plague is to suddenly inflict a man if he says (seeking protection from Allah) every morning and every evening" In the name of Allah that nothing under the umbrella of His name , either in heaven or on the earth, could harm (when seeking protection from Him) as He is the Well-Knowing and Well-hearing."

According to Attirmethey, Prophet Mohammad (pace and blessing be upon him) also used to supplicate God with this prayer: (Oh God, protect me in front of me and behind me, from my right side and my left side, and over me, and I seek the aide of you not to be assassinated from my underfoot side).

The Holy Prophetic Miracle facet

We can summarize miracle aspects in the following points:

1. No one was able to predict that sudden death will increase because no one could know this fact. But, since few years, scientists could precede precise statistics, and for their surprise, they got unexpected numbers; they found that the percentage of those who die suddenly is very high.

2. Scientists today say that sudden death phenomenon has just been studied for fifty years! It has been studied medically for the last twenty years, and scientists try to find tactics to prevent sudden death (4) because they are aware of the seriousness of this problem, yet they gain nothing, which means that this phenomenon is continuously increasing and scientists began to reveal the causes of sudden death, and that exactly what prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) mentioned when he said: (One of resurrection day’s signs is the appearance of abrupt death

3. Some skeptics might claim that sudden death was known many years ago, so we say: sudden death wasn’t known during Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) time, because we find that poets and literary didn’t mention it in their poetries and writings and Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) considered sudden death as one of resurrection day’s signs. If sudden death was common in that age, skeptics would object to this prophetic tradition!

As we know that unbelievers used to criticize everything, so if sudden death phenomenon was common in that time and prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) told them that this phenomenon will appear in the end of life on the earth which will be followed by resurrection day, they would astonish that prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) considers common phenomenon as one of resurrection day’s signs!! So we can consider this prophetic tradition as a medical miracle for the greatest messenger Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) whereas he talked about a phenomenon which scientists discovered recently.

The occlusion

We’d like to terminate this article with a holy prophetic prayer which all of us ought to learn and memorize by heart: according to Albukhari, prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing be upon him) said: (Oh Allah, You are my god, There is no god but You. It is You Who has created me , I confess I am Your servant , and I will remain abiding my self to my commitment to You ( Being a believer and a servant ) as far as I could …. Oh, my God, I ask your refuge from the repercussions of my deeds, I confess your succor and the bestow you granted me with … Oh, God ! Forgive my sins as no one could do that but You…

Dear reader, will you be convinced of this prophetic remedy and memorize the prayer and try not to forget it at all?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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