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Cure of aging


And this is a new miracle in the holy hadith that decide no cure of aging. Let's read.

Scientists recently discovered a gene on the DNA tape inside the body cells; this gene was called Telomere, it is a tape that has a defined length and controls the death and senescence of cells. The task of this Telomere is to maintain the DNA after each time it splits to produce new cells.

But this Telomere gets shorter after each cell division until it reaches a critical limit when it can't do its tasks anymore; here, the cell gets old and dies. Scientists tried to lengthen the biological age of this gene; they discovered an enzyme called Telomerase that can maintain the senescence gene and keep cells in a healthy condition for a longer period. But how to put this new element inside each cell while the body has trillions of cells??

A new problem faced the scientists; it is the cell, when exceeding a certain age without dying, starts to multiply quickly causing cancer which leads to the same result: death!! The problem in this case is even bigger; that's why most scientists see that senescence is the best way to end a human's life normally, and any attempt to lengthen the age beyond certain limits would have many effects, the least of which is cancer, may Allah protect you and us from it.


This is an illustration of the DNA tape. This tape contains all the information about our lives and even our death. In this tape, we have the senescence gene which is responsible for maintaining this DNA tape, it has a specific length and gets shorter and shorter each time the   cell goes division until it reaches a specific length and then the cell dies.

 And here is the evidence on Allah's Almighty saying: (We have decreed death to you all), death is destined, programmed, and organized. This is what the Holy Koran told us in the seventh century, and this is what scientists find today in the twenty-first century, so glory to Allah!

Professor Lee Silver, From the American University Princeton, Says: "any attempt to gain  eternity is against nature; death harmonizes completely with development. We give our genes to the next generations and if we don't die, then we will fight with our kids over life which is not a good thing for the development progress".

At this point, scientists concluded that there is no cure for senescence in the current time, but they will continue their researches and spend billions trying to find one and lengthen the human age but in vain. I wish that these scientists had read the Hadith from the beginning and saved their money and efforts researching!

The greatest prophet peace be upon him said: (take medicine servants of Allah, for Allah has not created a disease without creating its cure, except one disease - is senescence) on the authority of Ahmad. We ask Allah Almighty to make the Koran and cure of every disease, truly He is near and hearing.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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