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The Power To Control Anger, Scientific & Faith-related Vision


The anger is an serious phenomenon, and the Islam put the method to treat this disease… Let's read and glorify the God...

Who among us who has not regret himself one day for a word he had uttered or an act he had done? Who among us who was not thinking one day of controlling his intense anger & feeling?. In addition, who among us who is not wishing to control his sentiments and acts toward the others?

The above are questions with which I like to start this research in order to give an idea about the gist of what we are going to know through the answers, however and before the answers, I wish to call attention of the reader to something that caught my attention. What caught my attention are the highest sales of books across the World, which is, achieved when answers to these questions are given.

Consequently what we are going to state in the following paragraphs , affects each one of us. This Article may as well make an important change in some readers who are not aware of this branch of science, or what the scientists call today the Neuro- Linguistic Programming. However, what is the tale of this linguistic programming and its source?

What is the NLP?

Simply speaking many people may have heard this new terminology, which is called Neuro- Linguistic Programming, however many people are not aware of this science and whether there Are any Quranic references to it?

The reader may get surprised if he comes to know that this science, which has not completed thirty years since its discovery and laying down of its scientific bases is fully found in a book which has been sent down to human beings fourteen centuries ago! .We are going to prove the same through the scientific and faith-related series of articles .This is our first article and we shall read what the Quran says then compare and get lessons that the Quraan is the first book, which spoke about the NLP and not the American scientists.

This science has started in the seventies of the last century, and invented to meet the need to enhance Man's knowledge. The reason has been the great success, which some people have achieved in their life, a matter that caught attention of some scientists who decided to study causes of this success and got two.

important results

1- Any person who achieves success is using some method to manage his life's affairs .This metho or "Strategy" is the reason behind his success.

2- Any person who achieves any success gives us indication that we can achieve similar success if we followed the same way.

We would then simply state that the NLP is "how to control your mind"! (1)

This programming depends upon collection of methods, ideas and skills which make the reader successful and strong person. However, the thing which guaranty your success to control your self or mind or your intense anger is –simply- to learn how your mind works.

The scientists have discovered that the intense anger, sentiments and feelings do not come & go in random manner as suspected in the past. In fact there is an accurate program that control it and This is the reason why the term "programming" is given to this science.

- The word" programming" indicates that there is a program pertaining to intense anger & sentiments that can   be controlled exactly as we control the computer programs.

-The word "Linguistic" indicates using the words in communication with others and ourselves i.e. using the language to control the anger. 

-The word "Neuro"means that we have to know how our nervous and psychological system works in order to control and direct it in the direction we want. Exactly like knowledge of our personal computer. Your knowledge to control this system increases and you get more benefits from its merits, as long as you get large knowledge of it (2).                    

 This programming concerns the healthy person as well as the sick one, and it is unnecessary that you are suffering from a problem, in order to come and learn the programming rules. To the contrary, you have to get benefit of these rules and know how to apply them while you are in good health. This will give more strength when there is impasse and difficult situation.

I can tell you my esteemed reader that any one of us has many merits in his abilities and potentials but he does not use them for lack of his awareness with the same! Moreover you can solve more than half of the problem once you know real size of the problem!


You should imagine your mind as collection of tiny engineering devices that work according to specified program. You are the person who is going to operate this program and this is the success key! .If you did not know this fact your mind will be operated by the friends, family, and the surrounding society and influences. You will become then an angered person who could not control himself or anger.

How to control your intense anger?

It is highly simple process and it needs only learning of simple law and how to practice that law. Scientists tell us today about existence of subconscious Mind that controls the Man's anger, reactions, feelings and even his acts! However, we do not directly know that Mind because it is subconscious i.e. invisible.

However, the tests have proved scientific fact that the conscious Mind with which we think and use, connects to the subconscious Mind with narrow channels .You are able for example to give your subconscious Mind a suggestion that you are able to do something. With repetition of this suggestion, the subconscious Mind will response and starts actually the change.

The scientists have found that the period during which the connection between the conscious Mind and the subconscious Mind becomes active is the period, which is few minutes prior to the sleeping, and the period which is few minutes prior to the waking up. On his, book "the Power of Your Subconscious Mind" with sales of more than million copy.Dr. JosephMurhpy concludes after thousands of tests that the best method to control anger and anger is to repeat before the sleeping and after the waking up phrases like "I will become as of this moment calm & balanced person and free from anger, and this result will appear in my behavior tomorrow".

Dr.Murfi has treated many cases with this method with excellent results, and all treated persons have obtained improvement in their anger. Indeed, some of them have become quieter than the normal person.

Now we wish that all and in particular, those who are not convinced with the Islam teachings that Noble Prophet had spoken clearly about this phenomena .That is to say, about importance of the communication with the subconscious Mind during period prior to the sleeping and that one after the waking up. The Prophet instructed us to call Allah during these two periods, but what sort of call is that? The Prophet had instructed us to repeat the following words before the sleep:" My God. To You, I have surrendered  my face and delegated my affair and has resorted with my full will and fears of You. There is no refuge except to You and no rescuer "from your punishment" except You. I am faithful to your book which is revealed to us and to your Prophet which you had sent to us" PBUH.

Let us think together about extent of meaning for above words as to discharge of stresses and social problem that accumulated throughout the day! in addition, to what extent it contains of calmness and psychological stability to the person who repeats them before the sleeping.

Scientists in America do treat and teach their sick persons how to address themselves "I will become as of this moment calm & balanced person free from anger, and this result will appear in my behavior tomorrow".

On the other hand the Prophet teaches us how to address Allah (SWT) and leave our stresses and anger to Him and surrender the whole matter to Him to do what He wants. The question now is: Is there anything better than Allah (SWT) to be your doctor?

We recall here words of Abraham (PBUH) when he said (Who has created me, and it is He Who guides me * And it is He Who feeds me and give me to drink*And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me* And He Who cause me to die, and then will bring me to life" again"* And Who I hope will forgive my fault on the day of Recompense" the Day of Resurrection") Surat Ash-Shuara 78-82.

Therefore, that is the Quran programming which teaches you the most important rule for restoration of the health and that is : Allah (SWT)Who cures you and not your subconscious Mind or your physician .These are just means which Allah made available to you in order to use as method for the treatment. This indicates that the power of the Quraan to cure is bigger than the cure by Self-addressing. However if one resorts to the Quraan and the psychiatry, the result will be great.

Now we are going to react with a practical plan, which combines between the modern science & Quran on treatment of anger.

Practical & scientific steps to treat the chronic anger

1-Through more than half century, the psychiatrists confirm basic step that follow in order to cure the anger and that is to admit failure or sickness. When the psychiatric anger develops it becomes chronic sickness, which accompanies the sick person through his life. This sick person will not get health, until he admits that such sickness is existing and he should hurry up for the treatment.

The above is scientific fact and it is not an opinion of a psychiatrist or a theory that is subject to the fault and correctness. All scientists have confirmed the fact that the person should tell himself instantly after the intense anger, that he had been hasty and wrongful, when he acted in an angry manner. This step is the most important one towards treatment of the anger.

2- The second step, which important and complementary to the first one is to try to send messages to the subconscious Mind that tell as follows (I have to stop this anger because it is wrongful and lead undesirable results and causes me a lot of embarrassment).He should repeat this message and get convinced with it. In other words, he should determine that he would not act again in that manner which degrades him.

3-There is a practical step which the "angry person" should forthwith start to apply and that is to be tolerant with others. The studies have shown that the persons who live too long are the most tolerant persons!

Therefore, you should own the will to forgive and tolerate others who had abused or annoyed you. Without the said step, you would not improve and the anger will remain as dominant. Today researchers confirm as well that spending money on the poor persons and assisting them gives us some sort of stability and state of peace and cures his acute anger. (4)

Verily, the forgiveness or tolerance is necessary and essential matter because it cures roots of the failure. The reason behind any anger, is the feeling of the angry person that the others have abused him, and accordingly he acts in an angry manner as revenging act against them. And if he decided as well to send messages to himself which confirm his determination to tolerate the others, and he repeated these messages, he would find himself tolerant in fact!

4- There is an internal action that should adopts as well, and that is to resist the anger and try to put an end to it by repeating another message saying (I have to resist any anger however mild is. This massage will find its way to the subconscious Mind which the main controller of anger.

5- As alternative action, when you follow some method with a strong believe that it leads to success but it does not, then you should change it. You should follow another way to achieve the required success. Believing in success is half success i.e. if you have strong belief in success in some work, the said belief will  be the effective motive to succeed in that work.

Therefore, you should have strong belief that you have the capability to cure you anger, and that the said anger will easily ends and expires. However you continuously tell and direct your self to necessity of leaving the said anger and not to insist on it. 


You have to imagine your brain as collection of engineering devices which perceives the orders and instructions .If the said machine is continuously addressed with messages stating that are willing to cure the anger, And you trust the matter. Later on the said machine will gradually response, and you will be having the capability to control the said anger. Beware not to leave negative and dark results to reach your mind, and let only the illuminating and positive messages to enter. 

Now, and after we have come across the scientific treatment by way of human programming, what does the Quran programming say?

Quranic Verses on the Treatment

The description of the paradise, which is stated in the Holy Quran and Allah, promised those who fear Him to enter in it: ( And march forth in the way "which leads to" forgiveness from your Lord, and for paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for Al-Mutaqun " pious believers") Surat Al-Imran 133…...But what are the descriptions of those Mutaqun "pious believers"?

Allah (SWT) says in the next verse the following (Those who spend "in Allah's cause" in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger and who pardon people; verily Allah loves Al-Muhsineen"the good doers") Surat Al-Imran 134.

These verses have included three practical actions:

1- Spending some money on the poor persons and this has been confirmed by all psychologists as giving us a kind of psychological stability :( who spend in prosperity and in adversity).

2-The person should try to extinguish his anger by any means and not allow it to be thrown at others. This rule teaches us as well, something of self-control (6) :( who repress anger).

3-The verse includes a practical action and that is to pardon others, a matter, which all psychologists confirm today that pardon of others is the best method to control anger. (pardon people).

We come now to the verse that follows: ( And those who, when they have committed Fahishah "Illegal sexual intercourse" or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness For their sins-and none can forgive sins but Allah and do not persist in what-" wrong" they have Done, while they know) Surat al-Imran135.

This verse includes as well three practical actions to treat self-contempt and we all know that anger, hastiness and recklessness are kinds of self-contempt, and these actions are:

1- Admitting the fault : when the believer commits a sin or self-contempt or become angry or hasty In an act, he should immediately know his fault and admits :- (remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins).This verse affirms admission of the fault because Istigfar and asking the Magfira" forgiveness" from Allah(SWT) will not come except after the believer feels his fault and offense & request forgiveness from Allah. In fact, all researchers have confirmed that self-admission of offence is the way to treatment But the Quraan requires us to admit our offences before Allah (SWT) who is the most able to cure us.

2- To get certain that the anger and fault could be treated, and the scientists have confirmed that the patient's confidence and certainty of his recovery constitutes half recovery if not more. This matter clarifies His words (SWT) :( and none can forgive sins but Allah).These words give the believer great confidence that the forgiveness of offense is possible and that the anger might not come again.

3- All scientists specialized on the Neuro- Linguistic Programming confirms that the ideal method to treat most of psychological distempers and anger require adequate and strong Will to stop anger and not to insist upon it. The question here isn't it the same thing mentioned in noble verse ;( and do not persist in what-" wrong" they have done, while they know)?

Let us think about the meaning of the Quranic verse :(  And march forth ' in the way ' which leads to' forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth prepared for Al-Muttaqun (the pious).Those who spend (in Allah's cause) in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger and who pardon people; verily Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good doers) .And those who, when they have committed Fahishah (illegal sexual intercourse) or wronged themselves with evil. Remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their Sins; and none can forgive sins but Allah – and do not persist in what (wrong) they have done, while they know. For such the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent Is this reward for the doers (who do righteous deeds according to Allah's Orders) Surat Al-Imran 133-136.

Ask an experienced man!

I will tell you something that was happening to me twenty years ago when I used to learn by heart the Holy Quran .I used to stop reading and think about the meaning of some verses that have effects on me. I used to repeat these verses tens of times and write them down in a paper and put them in front of me to think about their meaning .At that time I felt the said verses do affect my beliefs and principles.

I would never forget one of the fine verses which I wrote and fixed on the wall of my room and That is His saying (SWT): (  And if Allah touches you with harm, there is none who can remove it but He ; and if He intends any good for you, there is none who can repel His Favour which He Causes it to reach whomsoever of His slaves He wills. And He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful) Yunis 107.

I tell you my friend who is reading this Article that the above verse has cured more than 90% of my sadness, depression, apset, fear and hesitancy .But how this occurred?

There were many things, which cause sadness for the depression to which the person is exposed sometimes as result of his failure to do something, or his mistake in some act, or his hasty in uttering some word, and then discovers that he was wrongful, or for failure in academic exams or his failure in emotional relationship.

However, when I come to know that any harm that affects me comes from Allah, and already written before my creation, and nobody can remove it or repel except Allah. I used to say then:

Why I am sad, anxious and depressed? If Allah is the most merciful and He has caused this harm He alone could remove this harm. Is there something better than this ?

That new satisfaction has changed many things in my life .The time, which I used to spend in thinking about my previous mistakes and problem has changed to useful time. I started to read the Quraan and learn new matters relating to it!

Therefore think about these words (And if Allah touches you with harm, there is none who can remove it but He) and how it have changed my whole life, and how it have changed my time from useless time to useful & effective one.

But think as well about the other part of that verse (and if He intends any good for you, there is none who can repel His Favour which He Causes…) these words filled with mercy and optimism and life have as well changed many things in me.

I had been many times suffering from anxiety and frightened from things that are certainly going to happen or would imagine that they actually happened. This includes the failure in some work or expectation of a fault in some act. In fact, I used to be hesitant to do something: shall I do it or not?

When I read Allah's words, I become certain that any blessing that come to me will not be out of Allah's will! I come to know as well that no one can remove or prevent any blessing that is going to come except Allah!

I said to my self if all the blessing comes from Allah, why Iam anxious and frightened? Why I become anxious about results while Iam doing some work, if Allah gives the said results, and no one is able to prevent it. Why then I become hesitant to do the said work while it contains blessing and Allah's approval.

Consequently, the said verse has contributed to removal of my hesitancy, fears and anxiety. The said words of Allah have affected my behavior as well. I am no longer doing many calculations before doing any work and what does this mean? It means saving time as well, and I have now sufficient time to develop my knowledge and learning.

The third part of that noble verse is (He Causes it to reach whomsoever of His slaves He wills . And He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful) it means that Allah alone chooses the one among the human beings who should get His blessing .How could I guaranty that Allah is going to give me that blessing? Before anything else, I have to improve my connection with Allah.

The first step for improvement of your connection with Allah is to address Him with complete sincerity without aim except to get His consent (SWT).My finding is that, this verse despite its few words it contains many teachings that could wholly change a man's life. This verse is re-programming for the brain. It woks to change the data stored therein to be full of power, optimism and calmness instead of being full of hesitancy, fear and anxiety.


We have to know that the shortest way to re-program the brain is to start reading the Quran verse and to insist on learning it by heart, irrespective of your success or failure in this respect. You should only insist and give no attention to Satan's (Devil's) negative whispers. It is enough to say ( I am intending to learn the Quran by heart, and I will do it and I hope that Allah helps me).Just repeat this message before the sleep and after the waking up.

I am certain that you will learn the Quran by heart (it occurred to me) .You will see the big changes in your life as result of this learning. You will see that the feelings of fear, anxiety, hesitancy and sadness vanish gradually & the optimism, calmness, happiness, and success replace them.

You will see how your mental abilities develop once you start learning Quran by heart, and how your memory becomes better hundreds of times, and how you become more able to deal with other persons and gain their trust. You will find your self more able to address others, and more able to express your self with easiness (and this happened to me personally)!

You may ask, is there any exaggeration in the above statement? I tell you that said statement is result of certain experience and not theoretical one, which is inapplicable. I will give you an example, which you may not believe!

When I was student in the university the Mathematic science had been the difficult subject to me, I used to sit for examination on this subject six times without achieving the minimum score required for the success. However, and I have learned the Quran by heart, I am able to write an encyclopedia on the digital miracle of Quran .This encyclopedia falls in more than 700 pages. All contents are facts that I discovered from the Quran and this is not due to my efforts rather than the will of Allah and the blessing of learning the Quran by heart!!

The question now my brother: Are you convinced with the Quran programming?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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