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West urges to refrain performing adultery

ADIS disease dominated on those who allowed themselves to these immoralities , and the scientists weren’t able to find an effective treatment , so they had to start awareness …

ADIS disease dominated on those who allowed themselves to these immoralities , and the scientists weren’t able to find an effective treatment , so they had to start awareness campaigns to explain the disadvantages of practice adultery and the problems caused by which will be medically , psychology , and socially . And also there are family's problems which destroyed family and disintegration of society and can lead to suicide, and all of that because of practicing adultery.

Despite millions of spent dollars in order to keep people from committing adultery or just lessening this bad phenomenon, but scientists couldn't achieve significance results.

And finally they decided to put curriculum of culture or sexual education for student's school before age of puberty in an attempt to alleviate this dangerous phenomenon.   

These curriculums taught for students in America and Europe, and it has been done according to the newest standards and they reached by searches, studies and scientific experiments to a result that the best way of reducing practice adultery is to advice students to keep away from and prevent them of committing it.   

New York Department of Education confirms that the program starts sex education in the middle school and it provides in-depth instructions and continues to education curriculum '' to refrain from sex''.

Dennis Walcott, consultant in New York Department of Education says: ''The curriculum to refrain from sex is an important part of sexual educational curriculum as a whole … But we have a responsibility also to ensure that adolescents understand, who want to have sex, the potential consequences of their behaviors.    

In addition to the optional program, the Department of Education in New York is working to impose sex education to all schools by the spring of 2012.

New York Mayor , Michael Bloomberg on Monday says : ''we have a responsibility , when you have a high proportion of births and a high rates of sexual transmitted diseases , such as  we have in the city, you should try to do something … shame if we didn’t do anything .

Therefore the courses of sex education in the United State of America included two main themes:

1-Abstaining from practice sex and replace it with marriage .This means that the scientists put under strict instructions not to practice adultery.

2- Introduce the evils of adultery to students, the many social problems and the diseases that caused who follow this path.

Now, let `s contemplates how the Qur'an deals with this issue,

After suffering with sexually transmitted diseases, scientists got results recommends to frighten people and prevent them not to come near adultery, also introduce them by its disadvantages, devastating results and dire consequences that affect who follow this path. 

The Holy Quran summarized for us the results of these scientific studies that have not come to it only in the 21 century, summed up it in one Ayah that contains the same result! Almighty Allah says :(And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.)[Al-Isra: Sura 32]

So this verse consists of two parts:

1- Abstaining from practice adultery that in Almighty saying: (And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse) which is what the scientists call for, Glory to Allah!

2- Definition of  the adultery's evil , devastating consequences that in Almighty saying (Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way), and in fact the scientists proved that the worst way that man taken is the way of committing immoralities and homosexuality, for what it caused of fatal diseases , social disintegration and mental disorders .

Finally we say…. Isn't the Quran is a marvelous book when brought to us the same result that the scientists found recently? Should be of us to follow this Quran which saved us from the trouble of research and long waiting and gave us clear, studied and correct teachings? So why don’t we follow these Islamic teachings with our assurance to its accuracy, safety and it achieved our interests and safety?

Almighty Allah says:(And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam– it will be never accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers)[Al-Imran: Sura: 85]


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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