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The Miracle of "Jesus"


We'll see an amazing system for the repetition of  ‘Jesus the son of Merriam’. It is clear numeric miracle confirms the divine source of Holy Quran….

If you want to know who is Jesus (peace be upon him), then read the Koran! You know why, because Koran is the sole holy book that contains all certain realities. Likewise, we notice that Allah has put in the name of prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) a great numeric miracle, which unveils the numeric language of Koran, for we must be sure that Koran is Right. This miracle is based on number seven and its multiples; the latter is another proof that Koran has been revealed by the Lord of the seven heavens, Hallowed be Him.

In this research, we use the method of ‘arranging the numbers’, which is in fact a mathematic method called ‘the decimal series’, i.e. each limit is multiplied ten times than the preceding limit; or in other words, in this research we read the numbers like they are and do not gather them.

An amazing system for the repetition of  ‘Jesus the son of Merriam’:

When we look for the word ‘Issah’ (Jesus) in the Koran, we find that it was repeated all in all  25 times, and the word ‘son’ was mentioned 35 times, and finally the word ‘Merriam’ was mentioned 34 times. We write these numbers arranged in this way:

Merriam   the son of    Jesus

عيسى            ابن              مريم

34                  35            25

The number which represents the repetitions of these words is a multiple of seven:

25 35 34 = 7 × 49075

The same can be said for the letters of ‘Jesus the son of Merriam’: ‘Jesus’ contains 4 letters, ‘the son of’ contains 3 and ‘Merriam’ contains 4.

Merriam   the son of    Jesus

  عيسى              ابن             مريم

4                  3                 4

434 = 7 × 62

You see ! we have discovered a wonderful system special to the name of Jesus ‘Jesus the Son of Merriam’ , yet there are forms for this same name as ‘The Messiah the son of Merriam’, so is there another perfect system for this form?

A marvellous system for the repetition of ‘The Messiah the son of Merriam’ found in the Koran:

‘The Messiah’ is repeated 11 times in the Koran whereas ‘The son of’ is cited 35 times and ‘Merriam’ as we saw it is mentioned 34 times. Let us write these words and the numbers for which they are repeated in this way:

Merriam     the son of    The Messiah 

المسيح              ابن               مريم

34                   35                  11

The resulting number, i.e. 113534, is a multiple of seven!

Accordingly, I claim that the repetition of the expression ‘The Messiah the son of Merriam’ agrees with the koranic system based on number seven.

Allah says in The Women chapter, verse 171: ‘Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) an Apostle of Allah’. As I have been reading this divine description of Jesus, I noticed that the letters of this expression : Christ Jesus the son of Mary was an Apostle of Allah, agree in a wonderful way with number seven. We write the expression and the number of letters:

Christ   Jesus   the son of   Mary [was (no more than)]    an Apostle [of]   Allah 

The resulting number is again a multiple of seven:

444346 = 7 × 63478

Now look at the surprising remark: if we gather the numbers constituting this number, we will have number 25:

6 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 4 = (25)

25 represents the repetitions of the word ‘ Jesus’ in the Koran, and the number 63478, what results if we divide 444346 by 7, is a multiple of seven and 34; 34 represents how many time ‘Merriam’ was repeated in the Koran:

63478 = 34 × 1867

Another miraculous system for the repeating of ‘Merriam’:

Look at these agreements between the word ‘Merriam’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Jesus’; all these words’ repetitions consist of an accurate system based on number seven. We know that Merriam is Jesus’ mother (peace be upon them all), so what can relate the two:

Messiah          Merriam

11                          34

1134 is a number multiple of 7:

1134 = 7 × 162

If we do the same for the words ‘Merriam’ and ‘Jesus’, we will have:

Jesus                     Merriam

25                             34

And 2534 is another number that is multiple of 7:

2534 = 7 × 362

We try now to gather the three words’ repetitions:

34 + 11 + 25 = 70

Awesome! Isn’t it? Number 70 is a multiple of seven: 70=7*10

And even the gathering of the words ‘Messiah’ ‘Jesus’ ‘The son of’ ‘Merriam’ will give a number multiple of 7:

11 + 25 + 35 + 34 = 105

105 = 7 × 15

And we reask the same question:

Is it possible to come across such wonderful, accurate system? It is God The Almighty who has created everything; it is He who has organised the realities, for they would witness His oneness, witness that Jesus The Son of Merriam is Allah’s word and spirit .

This system (based on seven) of the repetition of Jesus’ name in the Koran coordinating with seven is a strong testimony that what dear prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) brought is about the same thing dear prophet Jesus brought. It proves that Allah , the All-Knowing has organised the name of this prophet according to  system based on 7,to tell us that the One who has revealed the Koran is the Lord of the seven heavens, Hallowed be Him from what they say.

You, dear reader, if you want really to read the real bible then read the Holy Koran!


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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