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Numeric Miracle In Surah "Yassine"


I had a story with a miraculous text from Koran.. with the "Heart" of Koran, Yassine Chapter…we'll see many miracles in this...

There are a lot of things that we see and meet every day, yet most time we just ignore then though they have infinite, interesting secrets and marvels. This is why I have tried my best to look after anything that has a relationship with the book of Allah and look for its significance. I always stopped at any verse and think about and over each verse; I also always heard the verses with great humility and submission, because of the weight of each word of Allah.

The one who spends his life, interests and thinking, reading and comprehending the Koran, the latter becomes his life and all days. This would bring him harmony, influence and pleasure to hear the Koranic verses. Broadly speaking, my every hobby, my every pleasure, my every happiness and my every single moment of joy, all comes to me whenever I read part of the Koran and understand its significance for long hours. This is, for me, the extreme happiness one can have, mainly after I was blessed by the learning of the Koran and the reading of its interpretations, rules, miracles and wonders.

A story

I had a story with a very short, yet so miraculous, text from Koran. I was once coming back from a journey, and the driver, I was with, had put in his car such a beautiful picture where there was written this verse: “Yaâssîne, By the Qur'an full of Wisdom”, and then the whole chapter of ‘Yaâssîne’ was written below this verse with a very beautiful style of writing. This sacred text has attracted me and interested me so much. I felt concentrated in understanding the meaning of this verse. Moreover, I felt that Allah, The Almighty, has organised the words of this verse in such a wonderful and miraculous way. This is how my thinking and staring at the picture has lasted all along the way.

When I came back home, I was still thinking of those words that have hypnotised me: “Yaâssîne, By the Qur'an full of Wisdom”, so the very first thing I did was to write these words to look at them to over think about their significance. Therefore, a strong feeling has fallen upon me to tell me that these words contain a wonderful relationship with what they are talking about, i.e. the wisdom o the Koran, and because this verse talks about the Koran “Yaâssîne, By the Qur'an full of Wisdom”, then there must be a link between its letters and Koran. From that time on, my journey of the studying of this Koranic text has started, with the counting of its letters and words.

Though the operation was too hard, yet my will and eagerness to discover the miracle of this text had pushed forward to resist and carry on. You see! We are in front of four words only, and to each word, there is a limited number of letters:

Yassine for two letters, and for one letter, The Koran for six letters, that is full of wisdom for six letters ( this counting is based on the Arabic letters and the Arabic text) i.e.

Yaâssîne, By the Qur'an full of Wisdom”,

يس    و    القرآن    الحكيم

6       6       1   2


The researches, I have made on the numeric miraculousness of Koran, taught me many things. They taught me that this text has a relationship with what its words mean only because the whole Koran is built on such perfect, organised system. This is, verily, what I have found out.

As we know, ‘Yaâssîne’ chapter is the heart of the Koran, and this is what the most truthful of all humankinds dear prophet (peace be upon him) says in the Hadith. Likewise, we know that this chapter is among the most special chapters of our holy book, among those which begin with fragment of letters; the latter still are a secret that none of the interpreters or even researchers have understood or comprehended. Despite this, we hope that one day Allah will bless one of His servants reaching their meanings.

I wrote the text of this text where under each word I put the corresponding number (which represents the number of letters of the word), for I can get the its system and its relationship with what these words mean, i.e. the wisdom of the Koran.

I thought, if I could find a mathematic relationship between the two, that will be a good, concrete proof to the non-arbitrariness of this book. That will be also a challenge to humankinds ho are unable to bring such organised texts where the letters, the words and the verses are coordinated in a miraculous harmony.

I wrote:  "Yaâssîne, *By the Qur'an full of Wisdom"

يس    و    القرآن    الحكيم

6       6       1   2

In this beautiful picture, we have two lines: one of words, and the other of numbers where each number express the letters of each word. When we say: ‘(1) Yaâssîne, (2)By the Qur'an full of Wisdom’, we obviously understand that this is a divine a swearword that this book is full of wisdom. On the other hand, when we read the corresponding numbers, we have 6612 which expresses the way the words of the text are ranged: :  "Yaâssîne, *By the Qur'an full of Wisdom"

يس    و    القرآن    الحكيم

6       6       1   2

the number 6621 is so accurate because it really represents the number of the letters of this verse, when ranged according to the way they are written in the Koran.

If we gathered the number 2+1+6+6= 15, nothing is shown and nothing is miraculous. However, if we range the numbers horizontally, we get the number 6612. Therefore, we can understand that the whole secret is in the ranging of these words and their numbers.

A question that has confused me

Despite of these things, there still was a question that has taken me months to answer: ‘ what is the relationship between Koran and the number 6612??’

Therefore, after a very long time of thinking and concentration, I started to study this number and analyse it numerically. Great! There lied the surprise; this number (6612) which represents the letters of a text talking about the wisdom of the Koran, coordinates with the number of the chapters in Koran 114!!! And here is the detail…

The number 6612 is equal to 114 multiplied by 58!!

 Then, the number which represents the text we have is a multiple of 114 (the umber of the chapters of the Koran), but what about the resulting number 58? Has any relationship with Koran?

This matter also has taken me a very long time of searching about the words in the Koran and looking for how many times they are mentioned. Again, I was very amazed; the word ‘ The Koran’ is mentioned 58 times in the book of Allah. Accordingly, we can read the previous equation as following:

The number, which represents the letters of the text, is equal to the number of chapters in Koran multiplied by the number of the mentioning of the word ‘ The Koran’

Hallowed be Allah, The Wisest, The Almighty! So tell me now, do you think that these numbers are raged in random?! Or it is Allah, with great knowledge and extreme wisdom, who has organised them in this perfect way?!

The heart of the Koran

During my research, I was always thinking with great conviction that the miracles and the miraculousness of this text (and all the other Koranic verses) will never end. I was always thinking too of the prophet’s (p.b.u.h.) saying: “ ‘Yaâssîne’ is the heart of the Koran”. I said: “ can we find a significance between this description ‘ the heart of the Koran’ and the number we have?”

We have the number 6612, but what will happen if we reverse it? (We know that the word ‘heart’ in Arabic is derived from the word ‘overturn’ and the change from one direction to its opposite). Therefore, can we find significance to the overturned number, i.e. 2166? Does it have any relationship with the holy Koran?

This is motivated me to spend more time and strength to look for the answer. Soon, I got a very unexpected result! I found that the overturned number also is a multiple of 114 ( 2166=19*114)!

You see! What miracle to find that a text talking about the wisdom of the Koran is represented by a number that is a multiple of 114 no matter how you read it.

Yet, What about the number 19, what does it represent? We know that every single number in the Koran has its significance!

One more time, I restarted the research to find out the clue. Few days later, I discovered that the order of the ‘Yaâssîne’ chapter among the chapters that begin with fragments of letters is 19! Now, the meaning of the second equation is clarified.

Now we can say

The number which corresponds to the letters of the text or the verses (1) Yaâssîne, (2)By the Qur'an full of Wisdom, is equal to the number of the Koranic chapters multiplied by the number of times the word ‘The Koran’ is mentioned in the holy book, and if we just overturn the first number it will be equal to the number of the Koranic chapters multiplied by the order of ‘Yaâssîne’ among the chapters beginning with fragments of letters, i.e. ‘yaâssîne’ represents the heart the Koran.

In front of this numeric reality that none will deny, the believer must bow in humility and submission before the greatness of this divine book. As for the disbelievers, we should advise them to rethink about their assumption of the denial of the miracles of this book, and to re-ask this question: are they out of coincidence? Or it is Allah who has organised his words in a perfect system, for they can be a strong testimony to the truthfulness of His book and His prophet?  This is why the very next verse, Allah mentions His dear prophet to make sure that this apostle, Mohamed (p.b.u.h) is so truthful, and that he is on the right path of His Lord.

Hear now these verses: (1)Ya Sin. (2)By the Qur'an full of Wisdom (3)Thou art indeed one of the apostles (4) On a Straight Way (5)It is a Revelation sent down by (Him) the Exalted in Might Most Merciful.


We have counted the letters as they are written not as they are spelled, and this is the accurate procedure whenever we do a research on numeric miracle.

The connector ‘and’ (in Arabic ‘واو’ ) is taken in consideration as a single, separate word and ever in Arabic we do have words, nouns and letters; this is why, we have counted واو as a single word though it is about a connector and a swearword in the verse.

As for the ranging of the numbers in the way of the decimal system, the latter has a mathematic base called ‘ the decimal series’, where each part of the series is doubled ten times.

The word ‘The Koran’ is mentioned 49 times, and the word ‘Koran’ is mentioned 9 times; the whole is about 58 times. However, the word ‘a Koran’ or ‘his Koran’ were not counted because we have dealt with the way words are written (we consider the words apart from their articles or adjectives).

The specific chapters, which begin with incomprehensible fragments of letters, are about 29, and the number of ‘Yaassine’ among them is 19.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



- The Encyclopaedia of the Numeric Miracles in the Holy Quran. By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel.

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