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What Is The Reason of Studying Numeric Miracles?


This is an article about my story with ‘the numeric miracles in the Book of Allah’. How was beginning…

The beginning of the journey

It all started 20 years ago when I read a small book entitled ‘On it, their is 19 ‘ (by Dr . Rached Khalifa) . The numbers and the coordinations that were built on  19 the book contained have startled me so much .  Yet, after years and after I discovered  they were almost all wrong, every thing has  changed . Moreover, things got worse when I heard that   Dr. Rached Khalifa claimed himself a prophet and able to predict the date of doomsday and was killed after words.

Then, I became not convinced at about  the idea of numeric miracle, and what had strengthen my point of view what I heard from many great scholars; the latter completely denied this kind if miracles because they always came back to the example of Rashad Khalifa  who went astray and died a heretic. But more than that, some of them were warning people not to study numbers in Koran for not fall in the same sin as Rashad Khalifa who came to the point to precise the date of the Day of Judgement claiming it will be on the year 1710 hijri ( the number is a multiple of 19) .

I kept on my denying this miracle till  I started learning by heart the verses and chapters of the Book of Allah and repeat  them then apprehend their significance, eloquence and perfect weaving. Then I  was persuaded that the miracle of Koran is in its eloquence and language not in its numbers.

A meeting with an atheist

Allah wanted me to meet  one of the atheists  who have been influenced by the West and its materialistic ideologies, for which they became to consider everything by numbers and calculations. And after a lot of debates, I discovered that the way of the thinking of those atheists is to wrong any believer who tries to talk with them about religion, to convince him he is a stupid person and to prove the absence of any God to this universe which relies only on Nature its rules and eternity.

I tried to show him some Koranic verses which have influenced me the most with their eloquences and meaning after I learned them by heart. And I said to him: “can you find in humankind’s speeches such eloquence?”, and he immediately answered: “ yes! In Arabic old poetry which was more eloquent!!” o men! I beg the Lord for forgiveness, but this is their doctrine and this is their way of answering. Then, to close the door of debate about the language and eloquence of Koran, he added: “and in British literature, there is more eloquence and in the saying of Indian wise men and in the followers of Buddha’s sayings too, there is more clarity and eloquence.”

After many debates about the Koranic miracles, as the Koran’s prediction of the Roman’s victory after their defeat in 620 ad, or the mentioning of internal waves in the deep dark sea, or the mentioning of mountains inside the earth, and so many examples of historical, scientific and ruling miracles, I found him answering repeatedly: “ I’m not a man of seas, I’m not a man of mountains and I’m not a man of geology!!!”. Then, I did not find any way out except numeric miracles to argue him with after he closed all fields –though I was not convinced with this field of numeric miracles-. I gave him one single correct example I was sure of, that of the first verse of Koran: the ‘basmalah’ (in the name of Allah), where the number of letters is 19, and it was mentioned 114 times in the Koran, i.e. a multiple of 19.

Disturbed then ran away

I found him stand and think over and over then felt disturbed by unexpected surprise. He could not run away from this numeric strong language, but he did not find the words to say except: “this is a coincidence!”. Therefore, I gave him another example but more complicated; I said: “don’t you that there are in Koran chapters that begin with fragments of letters none of the interpreters or researchers could understand; two of these chapters start with the letter ‘qaf’ (/q/) : Shuraa and Qaf. Though the first one is much longer than the second, the number of the letter ‘qaf’ in both chapters is 57 and which is a multiple of 19 (57=19*3).

This is not enough; the total of letters for both chapters is 57+57 and which gives 114 exactly; this number represent the number of chapters in Koran, and the letter ‘qaf’, in Arabic, is at the beginning of the word Qur’an. Moreover, the first chapter ( Shuraa) begins with talking about revelation: (1-3)

And the second one (Qaf) starts with talking about the Koran: (1)

This is a sign that the starting with the letter ‘qaf’ for both chapters is a symbol of Koran, even its mentioning in both chapters is equal to the number of chapters of the Koran, i.e. 114. this wonderful harmonization disturbed our friend who turned on the paper on which I wrote these numbers; he tried to wrong these results and calculations, yet he could not do so because it is all correct. After a long appraisal of these results, he said critically: “this is another twist of fate!”, then added: “if all the Koran is built on such perfect numeric system, only at that time I will be convinced!”

The beginning of a new journey

I restarted my searching in the books of numeric miracle to look for more numeric realities, yet I found nothing but preludes to some agreements based on number 19 and other prime numbers. These agreements and arrangements were not enough to convince this atheist or other people like him about the perfect numeric system the letters, the verse and the chapters of Koran constitute.

The conditions through which I met this atheist are gone, but the word he said: ‘if all the Koran is built on such perfect numeric system, only at that time I will be convinced!’ made me start a new journey in the world of Koran, and change my way of thinking; I said: “ as long as Allah is the One who has settled down Koran, then it is impossible not to find  perfect coordination and agreements in everything not only in some verses and chapters, and as long as it is He who has put this perfect system in His book, then their must be a great aim behind it because Allah does not put something in His book aimlessly.

And recognised what Quran calls us to do: to think over about the arrangements and coordinations found in Allah’s word, to deprive it from any disorder, differentiations or contrast human beings’ words contain. It leads us, too, to apprehend the perfection and order the system Koran contains, for we can be so sure about its divinity, and not because I felt doubt about the book of Allah at all, but to have more knowledge, certainty and greatening of His book, the book that will intercede for me on the day of judgement when I will all alone. Yet, my researches and works are for the sake of Allah, Him The Oft-Forgiver.

A sincere prayer

I prayed Allah, the Accepter of All prayers, He would choose me out of His billion servants to have more knowledge about His miracle, I prayed Allah that my work would bring benefit and profit . I started to beg Him for His protection from any bad or useless knowledge as our prophet (p.b.u.h) taught us to do and say. Then years have passed, passed full of work and continuous searching within good conditions Allah has bestowed me with, and which were there for me to help me spend the day and night counting the letters and words of Koran, and try to look for the numeric construction of these verses.

The only thing that pushed me to withstand, though so hard was the searching, is being sure to gain a great reward whatever the result would be. If the numeric miracle does really exist, then, I thought, Allah (swt) has chosen me to unveil this new miracle Koran contains, and which may have a string influence to guide some atheist to the right path of their Lord, to His religion and His book. And if such miracle does not exist, then Allah has chosen me to warn people from such science and its illusions and that these numbers are useless.

In both cases, the reward of Allah is there, inchaâllah. Then as long as the heart is sane and full of sincerity and faith, Allah will undoubtedly guides me to the right path because it is He who says: “and if anyone believes in Allah (Allah) guides his heart (aright): for Allah knows all things” (Taghabun, 11) and He says: “And if anyone puts his trust in Allah sufficient is (Allah) for him” (Talaq, 3).

Some intentional and unintentional errors

When I was reading what has been written about numeric miracles, I always had some surprises about intentional and unintentional errors, and what made it impossible for me to be convinced was that some writers did not follow a stable plan, but you find them change his way of calculation just to get a previous result they had on their minds. They seemed to take all ways only to show right their calculations. Others even included numbers from outside the Koran. Others considered any result they got as a great miracle and always forgot that coincidence plays a role in such calculations.

The many errors, either in calculations or in the way of searching, I found in some books, pushed me to look for the truth and follow numeric realities of the Koran only to reach the truth. I thought that if the miracle is there than no need to use complicated ways to discover it. Thus, Allah has described His book as being clear and patent : “(2)By the Book that makes things clear” ( Azukhruf).

I also thought that the miracle should be found in every single Koranic element (its letters, its verses and its chapters), and it must be a concrete proof of the divine protection of this book, the Koran, from any deviation, adding, or lessening for which if a single letter is missing or moved, the whole numeric system will be no more reliable. Accordingly, this system, if it exists, will be a testimony and evidence that this book was sent down by Allah, Hallowed be Him.

Then if we change the order of a single letter, the numeric construction of Koran will be affected; therefore, the miracle should respect the ordering of the words and the verses beside the counting of letters and their totals and orderings in each word of the Koran.

Under this perception, I needed to study letters from Koran differently and with new methods. This is why I went back to Modern Maths’ most complicated numeric system: algebraic series, and I came to know that these mathematic series are used in all modern sciences, from nuclear sciences up to astronomy, even computers are based on doubled numeric series.

A wonderful result

I began, afterwards, to write the Koranic verses as they are written in Koran and count the letters of each word or count the letters of the name of God ‘Allah’, The Highest, in each word then read the resulting number in the way of ‘ranged numbers’. The result was surprising and wonderful because all the resulting numbers were multiples of seven. After that, I spent two years studying this system that is based on 7 and I attained thousands of numeric realities. This is why I was convinced that the letters of Koran are perfectly organised according to a miraculous system based on 7. Nonetheless, atheists always try to find tortuous ways and false proves to deny the clear, absolute truth, i.e. to prove that Koran’s numeric miracles are out of coincidence.

This is why I concentrated the research on special verses and even on special fragments or parts of these verses, only to put aside any pretension around the interference of chance. But there was a question I have asked: “ how can I choose the verses I have to study among thousands of verses? I know they would accuse me to choose verses that fit my calculations and deny the miracle?!!”. Yet, Allah the Merciful helped me find my way out, and I knew that Allah will refute their proves because it is He who said: “(141)Already has He sent you word in the Book that when ye hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if ye did ye would be like them. For Allah will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith all in hell” (The Women).

Who is more Truthful than Allah?

They do not accept this Koran, and they say it is the production of Mohamed (p.b.u.h)! However, Allah makes sure in one of the Koranic verses how truthful are His sayings: “and whose word can be truer than Allah's?” ( The Women, 122) so tell me is there anyone who is more truthful than Allah??  Yet how can we persuade those people about the truthfulness and divinity of these words? How can we bring strong proves and testimonies to stop them from denying this eternal miracle?   

I found, therefore, that the numeric language is the strongest and the perfect way to deal with the matter because it is the clearest language none can deny. Then, I became convinced at 100% about the existence of a numeric miracle in the Koran mainly after I got thousands of correct, certain results that fit all Koran without exception (in all its letters, verses, and chapters). However, in front of these many words that represent Allah’s words’ truthfulness and veracity, how can we get the miracle out of hem, for it can be a direct and strong proof to those who deny the divinity of this book?

I said: “as long as Allah has created every single nucleus in this world made of 7 layers, has created 7 heavens and 7 earths, has made for the week 7 days, has bestowed His dearest prophet (p.b.u.h) 7 oft-repeated  ( The Opening of the Book), has ordered us to turn around the Ka’bah 7 times, and to walk between Safah and Marwa 7 times, to prostrate on 7 bones and to avoid the 7 greatest sins, has made for hell-fire 7 doors and so many things that are based on number 7, then isn’t it out of wisdom to organize His book’s letters according to this number?     

The letters of the chosen part

I started to write the letters of the chosen part (verse) and under each word, I put a number, which represent the number of the letters of this word. The result was wonderful: the resulting number is a multiple of 7! Let us see and think about what has been written in the book of Allah:

‘and who is more truthful than Allah’

و    من     أصدقُ     من      الله     قيلاً

1    2        4        2       4      4

The number 442421 can be divided on 7, i.e. it is a multiple of 7: 442421= 7*63203; even the latter (63203) is a multiple of 7: 63203= 7*9029. Thus we can that the number which represents the letters of the verse above is a multiple of 7 for two times. The believer is certain that this is not out of coincidence as there is no place for that in the Word of Allah, but it is about a perfect divine production. On the other hand, atheists think that this coordination is only by coincidence. This is why I said: “ the miracle of this verse has not begun yet!”

The letters of the name of God ‘Allah’

Now, I wonder how to get more arrangements based on 7 with which I can prove the divinity of the word of Allah, the Koran? This is how I spent many months searching and studying, but I said: “why don’t I try to search in the word ‘Allah’? it is God who said these words, then it is logic that He, the Wisest, would have organized His great name ‘Allah’  in a miraculous way to be a sign to the divinity of this Book. I thought, if I could link between the letters of His name ‘ Allah’ and the verse above to find a relationship between them; that will be the strongest testimony with which I can prove that Koran is Allah’s book where He, the Lonely God, has put His miracle.

Allah has chosen for His name ‘Allah’ the letters (alif, lam, haâ) (a,l,h). Therefore, the secret is there in these chosen letters. This is how I had the idea to count these letters in Koran. I thought, what would happen if I count these letters in  Koran?

That was a simple, yet a marvellous, operation. I was surprised to do that but I had such wonderful results:  the number of these letters (alif, lam, haâ) in the previous verse is 7!!! ( alif=3, lam=3, haâ=1).

I said: “Praised band Glorified be Allah, in this verse the number of letters which constitute His name is 7! But is it all??” of course not! There is much more arrangements. Yet, will there be arrangements based on 7? I.e. is there any relationship that links between 133 ( which represent the word ‘Allah’ and the repetition of its letters).

This is what I really found! When I ordered these numbers according to the letters of ‘Allah’, this was the result:

H     L       A

1      3      3

The number is 133= 7*19

Now, we have four harmonisations with 7 in the same verse:

  • the number which represents the letters of the verse is a multiple of 7
  • the result of the division of this number on 7 is a multiple of 7
  • the number of the letters of ‘Allah’ in this verse is a multiple of 7
  • the mentioning of these letters in the verse is a multiple of 7

Nonetheless, although these arrangements cannot be by accident, the atheist is always doubtful about any miracle if it will be strengthened by a strong proof. This is why the precedent operation were not enough because I  thought that any atheist would say that he is able to write a text where letters are organised in such way.

The greatest numeric results

This issue has given me a new start in my journey of researches. It lasted many months during which I was always praying the Lord to bestow me with sincerity and guidance to His path to discover this miracle. I said: “ if the letters in the name of God ‘ Allah’ and the number of their repetitions is a multiple of 7, so what will I find if ever distributing these numbers on each word of the previous verse?” and verily, I have never predicted to come to such great result, the greatest one all along my journey of searching.

I wrote the words of the verse and under each word, I put the number which refers to how many alif, lam, and haâ the word contains:

‘and who is more truthful than Allah’

و      من     أصدق      من      الله     قيلاً

0      0         1        0       4      2

The result is 240100 and it is a multiple of 7 four times:

240100 = 7 * 7 * 7 * 7 * 100

Hallowed be Allah, the One who has perfectly chosen these numbers and these words. You The Most Truthful Most powerful ask Your poor servants to believe You: ‘and who is more truthful than Allah’ and You also put these proves and miracles which they cannot bring things alike, yet they deny and reject this Koran? And You The Merciful, The Gracious, despite their heresy, give them food, money and children and have mercy upon them and forgive them when they repent!!!

Glorified be Allah! A verse which talks about Lord, contains a mentioning of His name’s letters which equals to 7, and their repetition gives a number that is a multiple of 7 and their distribution is a multiple of 7  for 4 times and the whole, final result is about 100!!!! Isn’t it a great result to prove that Koran is Allah’s book,!!

The position of the word ‘Allah’

This is a miracle that needs to be thought over and over; yet it is not all the story! There are more miraculous arrangements based on 7. I read and reread this great word ‘Allah’ and said: “ if Allah had perfectly organized the letters of His name in this verse, has He ordered the position of His great name as well?

Consequently, I tried to count letters before and after ‘Allah’ in this verse. The result was puzzling: the number is 7!! Let us write (in Arabic) the letters:

‘and who is more truthful than Allah’

وَمَنْ أَصْدَقُ مِنَ        (اللَّهِ)      قِيلاً

9                                4

You see! There are 9 before and 4 after, which gives, once arranged, number 49=7*7!

This is not at all out of coincidence because even the number of words before and after ‘Allah’ is a multiple of 7: 14=7*2

‘and who is more truthful than Allah’

وَمَنْ أَصْدَقُ مِنَ        (اللَّهِ)      قِيلاً

4                                 1

And to burn all doubts, if we count the letters ‘alif’, ‘lam’ and ‘haâ’ before and after:   

‘and who is more truthful than Allah’

وَمَنْ أَصْدَقُ مِنَ        (اللَّهِ)      قِيلاً

1                                  2

2 and 1 once arranged, give 21=7*3!

And the question is: you, atheists, can you bring such eloquent literary text where you talk about yourselves like Allah did in this verse, and organise its words and letters in a way to be coordinated with the number 7 and with the letters of your names many times?

So if you do not believe that Koran is the word of Allah, read with me this divine words: (34)Let them then produce a recital like unto it if (it be) they speak the Truth! (Attur), tell me now: why do your hearts refuse to submit in humiliation to the greatness of the words of Allah and to His miracle?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



- The Encyclopaedia of the Numeric Miracles in the Holy Quran. By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel.

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