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Where The Romans Were Defeated


The Holy Quran has referred to the lowest point on the land. Let us see this picture and think over the verse….


In the image above we see the lowest elevation on the Earth's surface on dry land. This is where the battle between the Romans and the Persians took place, where the Romans got defeated. The Quran mentioned this area and mentioned the battle that took place in the “lowest part on the surface of the Earth”.

Allah said: (Alf Laam Meem * The Roman Empire has been defeated * In the lowest part of the Earth and they, after being defeated, shall overcome * Within a few years. Allah's is the command before and after; and on that day the believers shall rejoice * With the help of Allah; He helps whom He pleases; and He is the Mighty, the Merciful * (This is) Allah's promise! Allah will not fail His promise, but most people do not know * They know the outward of this world's life, but of the hereafter they are absolutely heedless.) [Al ROOM: 1 – 7]. It was proved that the Dead Sea area (where the battle took place) is the lowest point on the surface of land.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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