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Quran And Human Personality


Definitely! Quran has a great influence on human personality, human’s development and It helps achieve success, happiness, and comfortable life.….

Three are many questions about the effects of the Holy Quran:

  • What is the relationship between someone’s connection to the Quran and the success of his life?
  • Does the bond and connection to the Quran influence someone’s accomplishment in this life?
  • What is the Quran ruling in altering someone’s personality and building a flourishing character?
  • What is the Quran ruling in treating complicated psychological diseases?

I would say that the finest effort ever that a person can do is to recite the Quran and to follow what ALLAH has commanded and to stay away from what ALLAH has forbidden. And from my personal experience with the Quran for over twenty years, I became convinced that the Quran has a great deal of influence on the human personality.

When you read some books concerning programming neurological languages or reading books regarding managing the time efficiently or socializing with others effectively, the author would tell you; reading this book can change your life. This means that anything a person reads might influence his behavior and his personality and that is because personality is a consequence of the persons’ knowledge, his experiences and what he reads, hears and sees.

Of course, these humankind books would leave a very limited influence. However, when talking about the book of ALLAH almighty who created humans and who knows what’s inside a person’s soul and how to fix it, it is natural to find that this great book contains all the information the humankind will need in this life and the hereafter. Quran is the light, the healing, and the gaudiness... throughout it we find the past and the future. It is the book of ALLAH who said about it: (Falsehood cannot come to it from before it or behind it (it is) sent down by the All-Wise, Worthy of all praise) [Fussilat: 42].


I can guarantee you my dear brothers and sisters that every verse you read, comprehend and memorize can modify your life! Imagine who reads and memorizes the Quran in his heart? No doubt that reciting Quranic verses, understanding them and listening to them in conscious will alter and rebuild a new personality. That’s because the Quran contains the foundations and the bases to build a personality.

I want to tell you a simple experience about how effective the Quran can be on someone’s personality; even the influence of just one verse! I read once the verse: (and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. ALLAH knows but you do not know) [Al-Baqarah: 216].

And I have said that this verse must contain a verdict that brings happiness for who follows it in his life.

Before I read this verse, I used to become sad because of losing something, experiencing a misfortune, or become frightened from the future predicting that something wrong will occur, or to go through stress and worry waiting for something I need to accomplish and other things that would cause my personality to be apprehensive sometimes.

After I read and glanced at this verse, and comprehended it for a long time, I found that ALLAH Almighty has put fate for everything, and that nothing will occur without his commands. And that ALLAH will not choose for me except what is good for me because he knows the future, but I don’t. Hence, I changed into looking at everything while being optimistic rather than being pessimistic.

 ALLAH Almighty wrote for me everything that would take place in my life since I was 42 days old, why should I get upset? And since ALLAH is there for us, near us, sees and hears us, and controls this universe, why should I be miserable, worried, or depressed?? And since this is a fate ALLAH wrote it and chose it for me, it must be good and contains advantages and happiness.

That’s how my personality became altered and I became optimistic and happy and I avoided many problems that could have happened except that what ALLAH blessed me with understanding the verse and be able to practice it in my life.

And now dear brothers and sisters, lets picture with me the adjustment that would happen to one of us if you read the whole Quran and realize its meaning and practice it! There will be such a huge changes; your personality would be modified into 180 degrees towards the better.

In conclusion, connecting and holding on to the Quran will influence the human personality positively, increase his immune system response, prevents psychological diseases, and help him to achieve success and to select the right choices. The Quran is your way of accomplishment, Triumph, success, and happiness.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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