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Masterpieces of Metaphysical Miracles


Ponder these conversations that tell us about our current reality, it is seen that Muhammad peace be upon him a Messenger from God ….

At a time of legends, myths, ignorance and idolatry, and in an era when people were fighting for many years for camels!! In an age, girl was buried alive in the soil have no guilt but been a female! At a time when a man buys a God made of dates, if hungry eat!! In these circumstances ,the Prophet of Mercy peace be upon him, had came with the light, the guidance and the right, He came to change the world until the Day of Resurrection. 

But that prophet was not normal human beings, he was a messenger prophet ,supported by Almighty God, the God who created this universe, created all things and knows everything.

God willing, the message of Islam spread all over the world, and therefore the merciful prophet must be supported by the miracles, but what are they? 

Allah supported him with great Metaphysical miracles, he was to tell the events will take place after hundreds of years, at a time, no one expected such things. Indeed, the Prophet at that time was not a full-time for such subjects, he who holds the nation they are invited, and has a very difficult task to convince the infidels to change their corrupt ideology, miracles were supported Muhammad everywhere.

The moon has been cleft asunder by Allah as a miracle for Muhammad, and be with him on his enemies, even the enemies of Islam have turned to faith and were soldiers loyal to the prophet, like him and he was their commander. Thus, if we take for granted that this prophet was not true and he wants fame, power and money, why should he involve himself in talking about things metaphysical will happen after his death? But what are the benefits of these prophecies if it were not true?

Therefore, such things are a tangible demonstration for our time proves the sincerity of the message of the final prophet, and that he is the prophet of God Almighty. 

And now, my lovers let's ponder the words of the prophet of mercy peace be upon him, and know how it match hundred percent with the reality in which we live today: 

The emergence of strife( sedition),lying, and convergence time 

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allaah peace be upon him: (The Hour will not come until the strife been very common, do a lot of lying, converging markets and converging time) [Narrated by Imam Ahmad].

This Hadith tells the reality in which we live these days, there are so many temptations, and many lies, and numerous markets, and convergence time as they become digital communications provide us with information and convey to us the picture from far away to know what is happening now. 

 Reference to the global economy 

He said peace be upon him speaking about the signs of the Hour: "among conditions of the Hour: increased money and increased trade" [narrated by Al-Nesaii], and in the second novel: " women are sharing trade with her husband" [Narrated by Ahmad]. The trade has become the backbone of today's global economy, and this was not known during the time of the Prophet peace be upon him, where agriculture was the most prevalent. 

And think with me how it became the share of women in the media, factories, teaching political and commercial.

There are women organizations of Business and other things that were not known time of the Prophet peace be upon him.

New ways to ride 

Ibn Umar said that the prophet peace be upon him said: "be in the last decades men are riding "mayaathir" (new luxury means of transportations) to the doors of the mosques, their wives are clothed yet naked, their heads alike camel's hump, put curse upon them ,sure they are cursed by God. It was said, O Messenger of Allah, will horses not be used then? Said: never ride for war" [Narrated by Ibn Hibbaan, and Ibn Majah]. 

Look at how the Prophet spoke peace be upon him by the new means of transport is not known in his time, which mayaathir, and can say that they are cars that have spread, while a horse become for fun and well-being only. 

Look at how predicted by the Prophet peace be upon him that these horses will never be used in war, (not riding for a war at all), this indicates to the invention of new tools such as planes, tanks and nuclear weapons and laser ... Who told him peace be upon him in all this? 

A reference to the skyscrapers 

Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said that the Prophet peace be upon him said to Jibreel, when asked about the time:" but I'll tell you about portents of them stated (when shepherds  boasting establish high buildings" [Bukhari and Muslim]. Today we see people rushing to build high-rise towers, and boast about it, and this is a miracle truly experiencing the greatest prophet. Because no one could not predict that 14 centuries ago. 

Ignorance, murder and money 

Say peace be upon him: "The Hour will not come until knowledge caught , earthquakes frequently occur ,time converge, plenty strife ,disorder, frequently murder and money be great and surplus" [Bukhari]. 

There are several miracles in this Hadith: 

1 – Knowledge be caught: If ponder 'fatawa' nowadays on satellite channels today we find some scholars allows dealing with interest,friendly kiss between boys and girls and smoking at Ramadan.Unfortunately, we find a lot of satellite TV rush into such scholars who have not enough knowledge!!. Not all of this evidence that real knoledge be rare and ignorance be common? 

2 - frequent earthquakes: There are many scientific indications on the possibility of a large number of earthquakes, hurricanes and natural disasters such as tsunami, as a result of pollution, which will witness in the next few years,and this demonstrates the sincerity of the Prophet peace be upon him. 

3 - convergence of time: through the speed of communication, speed of movement and speed of information, through mobile and satellite channels and e-mail. 

4 - The advent of temptation: As we see in many Islamic countries of the sectarian and factional strife, sedition and murder and so on. 

5 - Frequent murder: this is what we see on the satellite channels of wars and battles and armed conflicts between the peoples on the earth, and indicators on the rise. 

6 -Surplus money: The world economy depends on money and currency exchange, banking, commerce, stock market and these things were not known the time of the greatest Prophet.

The emergence of adultery and alcohol 

Say peace be upon him: "from Signs of the Hour: to show ignorance, few real religion scientists, shows adultery, drink alcohol, less men, and frequently women, so that 50 women stand for one man" [Bukhari]. If we walk today in the streets of Muslim countries, we see a lot of liquor stores, and see places of entertainment and discos spread here and there. 

If you go to sea shores in non-Islamic countries there is almost devoid table of intoxicating drinks of all kinds. All of this can not be predicted by the thousand and four hundred years, but the Prophet peace be upon him says but truth.

Resurrection approaches

Says peace be upon him: "between my mission and Resurrection as between these, and he points with two adjacent fingers" [Bukhari]. Scientists estimate the age of the universe by billions of years (13.5 billion years), and human life very little compared with the age of the universe, where the prophet Mohammed sent peace be upon him 1400 years ago only, ie, if we divided the 1400 to 13,500,000,000 result is a very small proportion of up to 0.0000001 (one to ten million), so the metaphor prophetic were acute since he stick his two fingers to signify that the time of the arrival of the Day of Resurrection is very close compared with the age of the universe, and God knows best.

Signal to the computer and print

Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "before the Hour(and He mentioned some matters ,among them: he mentioned the emergence of the pen)" [Narrated by Ahmad].

Look with me into the development of writing and the use of computers in the writing, newspapers, magazines and books, even if the number of pages printed per day is estimated in millions .. Who would have imagined this at that time in Mecca, where only few men were master the writing?!

A reference to the weakness of the Muslims and left behind

Says peace be upon him: "Nations are about to fall upon you as eaters rush into their food bowl ... at that time you are plenty but scum as torrent scum."

Glorified be Allah! It is likened to an accurate and eloquent, the rhetoricians unable to describe and depict the reality of the Islamic nation today, as illustrated by our most beloved peace be upon him. 

All other nations have underestimated us, and Muslims have become the most backward peoples on the earth after Allah make them honourable and powerful by Islam.

The reason for our backwardness that we shy away from the teachings of Islam, we ask Allah well-being for Muslims and to return them to their guidance and to their religion.

A reference to the amazing inventions

He said peace be upon him: " The Hour will not until you see great things that never seen before or came to your minds." [Narrated by Ahmad]. In another narration "if you have seen it, remember Allah, and know it is early signs of the Hour".

Look at the new inventions such as the Internet, mobile,satellites, lethal weapons, dangerous diseases such as AIDS , mad cow disease and swine influenza ... All of these things we did not heard of before!

Today, you spoke to your friend and you see through your mobile device things thousands of kilometers away from you, it is an indication of the sincerity of the Prophet peace be upon him, how he knows that strange, new and great things will appear, if he not a prophet of Allah?.

Reference to the sophistication in buildings

He said peace be upon him: (The Hour will not until people build houses,as if they are decorating their clothes" [al-Bukhari in literature singular].

Look at these houses decorated around and spent the millions on decorating and decoration ... How could an illiterate Prophet, lives in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, know that people will spend huge amounts of money to decorate their houses?

Similar to men and women, and vice versa

He said peace be upon him: "Approaching the Hour you will find: men imitate women, and women imitate men) [Narrated by Abu Naim].

Has become a phenomenon imitation of men to women and vice versa, is rampant in the world today, even we find many countries allowed the marriage of men with men and women marry women !!... We ask Allah to save us. This was not known or even expected to occur but the Prophet told us, why? To be evidence of the sincerity of his Prophethood in this era of much mocking the Prophet of Mercy peace be upon him.

The Prophet peace be upon him said:"There will be among my Ummah who will legalize  adultery, silk, alcohol and musical instruments" [Bukhari].

To look at what is happening today in cafes, bars and places of prostitution and singing these songs, even found at houses cars and heard in the street ... Millions of tapes and CDs are sold daily and millions of concerts and dance performances and concerts of wines ... We see them all this time.

This phenomenon, no one can imagine at the time of the Prophet peace be upon him, but the Prophet of mercy and peace be upon him told us it to be an evidence of his sincerity in this era.

A reference to adultery in public

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "I sware of Who my soul is between His Hands, this Ummah will not end before man make love to woman in the main way, and the best one of you will just say to him ,couldn't you hide her behind that wall? [Narrated by Abu Ali].

Look at the Western States to practice the evil in the way and on Sea shores, unfortunately hardly see those who say to them: Fear God!! 

We tell each arrogant atheist mocking the Prophet of mercy and peace be upon him: For God! How aware of the Holy Prophet at that time such a thing? How aware that time will become, the practice of immorality in public and legitimate right as we see today in most non-Muslim country!!, and unfortunately there are some Muslim countries imitate the West in this bad habit.

Decoration of mosques

"The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:"The Hour will not until you see boast of people in the mosques" [Narrated by Imam Ahmad].

Look at the decorations and the money spent on the decoration of mosques, knowing that we respect it and consider it as the sacred houses of Allah, but it is not logical to find the poor do not find what they eat, and then spend millions on the decoration of the mosque, and God is not in a need for such extravagance! 

Yes, the house of God should be a home for fit and comfort incorporate all the requirements of the

worshipers, but there are decorations of mosques Allah did not order. The Prophet peace be upon him if he was not a messenger from Allah how did he know that this will happen after him! 

Frequent earthquakes

The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him and his family said: "The Hour will not come until frequent earthquakes happened" [Bukhari].

Scientists say there are many indications of sudden and unexpected earthquakes . For example, a country like Japan is in an area could be crack and shake at any moment and millions of people will then killed...

Our question: Did Muhammad peace be upon him study Geology and predicted this??!

Reference to the lack of the Secretariat

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "If the Secretariat been missed, so wait the Hour" [Bukhari].

If we went to the courts today, we see a large number of cases caused by the breaching trust, we believe the millions of cases of swindling , fraud and forgery ... This was not known time of the Prophet peace be upon him. No human being at that time could predict that the Secretariat will be lost, and this proves that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Plenty of music and "artists"

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:"it will be eclipsed in the last decade, bombarding and metamorphosis, a man asked the prophet: when it will be ,O Messenger of Allah? Mohammad said: "If musical instruments and artists spread out"  [Narrated by Ibn Majah], artists here are the dancers and singers.

Look with me, to the emergence and spread of music is not perceived by the mind, as well as the spread of singers in large numbers of tens of thousands, and there are unfortunately hundreds of satellite channels broadcast songs and dancers all night and day. 

Sold daily in Muslim countries, only hundreds of thousands of songs and videos cd's containing films or songs downlink rave, and such phenomena were not known time of the Prophet peace be upon him, so this is a modern miracle of Prophet Muhammad, because no one can predict that the songs will spread in this

New names for of alcohols

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said : "A range of my Ummah will make alcohols legal for themselves, they call it by another names" [Narrated by Ahmad].

Really alcohols now have many names: beer, vodka and whiskey ... And all new names were not known before, it is the Holy Prophet, who told the prophet that people will invent new names for alcohols?

Disobedience to parents

The Prophet peace be upon him on speaking about signs of the Day of Resurrection said:"if the man obeys his wife, disobey his mother, honoring his friend and estrange his father " [Narrated by Tirmidhi.

Today at any Muslim court you will see a large number of cases for parents raised against their children cause they may disobey, beat or insult them.

Also, we find a lot of problems between the man and his mother because of his wife ... Such things were not familiar in the past. 

The researchers noticed growing phenomenon of disobeying parents, which is narrated by the Prophet peace be upon him,as a sign to the approach of the Day of Resurrection.

Shall we consider and get back to the Book of our Lord?

Lovers of Allah! The Prophet peace be upon him did not tell us about such things just to prove to us that he is the Messenger of Allah!! Yes, this is a big goal of these conversations to be a witness and proof of the sincerity of the message of Islam, but there are further objective is to warn and prepare for the Day of Resurrection. 

The Prophet peace be upon him warns us of the approach and time that can come only suddenly, if we see such things, "musical instruments, adultery, alcohol and lying ..." Should we be mindful of the approaching Day of Resurrection, and thus hasten to repent and seek forgiveness and return to the teachings of the religion that Allah may seal our fine, and be of those who Allah about them:

(Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with

God: of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some (still)

wait:  but they have never changed (their determination) in the least:) (Al-Ahzab, 23) 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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