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Guidance stories by this website


Many thanks for God. We receive many E- mails form many people who thanks us for these articles in our website as it was a main reason in guiding them to the straight way, therefore we present some stories as an example and a sermon to realize the importance of that science in calling for God. ….

In the name of Allah: (We will show them our signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Qur`an) is the truth.).(Sûrat Fussilat -verse 53.)

Allah says that he will show us miracles in universe and in ourselves to be an evidence for every person who suspects in the Holy Quran until he believes that this Holy book is from Allah. From here we will recognize the importance of scientific miracle in calling for Allah. This is what we see in reality as we receive many letters from people who are converted to Islam or became stronger in their belief as a result of Quran miracles. So I`ve included some stories that will make you see the majesty of almighty Allah.

From Atheism to real believing in Allah

I was a good Muslim and very attached to my religion but I have converted to Atheism because being affected by its ideas. I started to sit with my friends and deride Islam and Muslims, we considered our selves on the right way, and there is no God and that religions are to fulfill minds of naive people. With referring that the underdevelopment of Muslims is because of Islam itself…. These are thoughts of Atheism.

This situation has continued for years until I knew this site and I started to read from it with humiliating its contents as I always felt that scientists are trying to create explanations for phenomena and facts to play with minds of Muslims, so I wanted to find some weaknesses in this site to support my believing. then I found the numeric miracles and it was the shock that woke me up. When I read a paragraph under name of "Prophets Jesus and Adam… Miracle or Coincidence", another one about the facts of Surat Al Kahf (The Cave) in Holy Quran, and the third was about Sûrat Yasin from the Holy Qur'an .then the darkness of my thoughts started to straggle with the light of the truth of our nature which corresponds with the principles of Islam.

God says in Qur'an :( Verily, the likeness of Îsâ (Jesus) before Allah is the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then (He) said to him: "Be!" - and he was.)(Sûrat Âl-‘Imrân -verse 59) .The question which I faced without finding an answer was: How can we find a sentence in a book which says that Allah considers Jesus is the same as Adam, and we find that the times of mentioning Jesus in the Holy Quran is the same as Adam? Jesus was mentioned 25 times and Adam the same?  Is it a coincidence?   

Also, how can we find in the same Book the story of "People of the cave "in Sûrat Al Kahf that States the duration of their staying in the cave for 309 years ,then we find that the total number of words of this story in the Holy Quran is 309 word.

I am a specialist in Mathematics and I have never found such thing in any other book. Then I realized that it is from Allah and it would not be from any other creature in this world.   

The demon always tried to convince me that it is just a coincidence and that Islam is a bad religion, also prophet Mohammad was a terrorist…. But I rechecked these numbers more than one time until I became sure that it is impossible to be from a human, and that coincidence could not create such a wonderful book… I started to cry as I felt with the sweetness of the belief and I felt as if I was born again.

The sentence that I always repeat without conscious is (Thanks to Allah), I felt with the sweetness of belief as I was lost, and I`ve asked Allah to help me to stay on the right way.

I thanked the responsible person for this site as he put a huge effort to reach this marvelous point  and of course thanks to Allah who helped me to find the right way by mentioning to us these beautiful miracles in the Holy Qur`an.

The Picture which leaded her to the right way…

My story started before many years when I was discussing some religion issues with my non Muslim friends, but I didn`t have enough information about Islam to convince them that Islam is a good religion, and that people who says that Islam is leading to uncivilized countries and devil are wrong people, also that atheism leads to science and knowledge… I didn`t knows how to answer them… I became confused as the demon tried to turn me against Islam as usual. So many questions showed in my mind that why Allah didn`t helps Muslims to become one of the developed countries… and if there is Allah why we see all this injustice in the world... So the nature appeared by itself and it will continue in the same way, I stayed like this for many years and I felt like I am in hell because of suspicions and confusion.

Then I've found this site by Allah`s merci, I saw a picture to The king of Egypt (Pharaoh) who died and sank in the see. That Allah ordered the water to push his body to the shore and I wondered how could Prophet Mohammad know this confidential information which is unknown by anyone. as the body of the Pharaoh wasn't examined until the twenty century by a French scientist who proved that this body sank in the water and his bones were crashed because of the high pressure of the water, and then his body was pushed out to the shore and was kept until this day.  

 In the name of Allah: ( So this day we shall deliver your dead body out of the sea that you may be sign to those who come after you and verily, many among mankind are heedless of our Ayat  “ proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, ect.") (Sûrat Yûnus – verse 92)

Suspicions that couldn't be get rid of unless we take a look on the scientific miracles

 I didn't know what is the meaning of suspicion in existence of Allah because I've grown up in an Islamic environment without knowing what is the reality of Islam or understanding it as it was like  a legacy, but because of most of my friends are non Muslims, I've started to suspect  in the existence of Allah, and the evidence which they tried to give me that the developed countries reached this point because of getting rid of religions and being atheists and that the religion was created by powerful people to threat the weak people and to get control over them and that there is no paradise or hell… as  it is just a myth.

I continued like this until I started to feel that the demon tries to control me which really made me tired and tortured because of the conflict in my heart that Allah exists but when I think in reality and see the underdevelopment of Muslims, I became confused. But One day one of my friends sent me this site which really was so interesting for me.

Every time I read about a scientific fact in this world, I find a verse in The Holy Qur'an about this fact; therefore I become more fascinated in this religion.

Every time I read more information I regret the times when I was suspected in Allah, and I felt that Allah loves me because of his guidance to me to the right way.

Finally, these stories are not introduced for famous, but we just want to show people that this knowledge from The Holy Qur'an could help people to know Allah and to know the right way "Inshallah."

Prophet Mohammad said if Allah chose you to help people to know the right way (Islam), it would be better for you than the best boon in this world.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

Note: please, contribute in spreading these marvelous articles because it has a good effect on leading people to the right way. 

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