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Scientists say that believing in God is very necessary for man


All studies disprove atheists' thoughts, in this very recent study , scientists emphasize that religion helps man in happiness, existence and optimism ….

A group of scientists from the British University of Columbia emphasize, through a chain of scientific researches, that there is no life on earth without the existence of religion. Religion was and is still a must for man's existence within regulated societies. They have reached this conclusion after careful examining of  the conditions of a group of atheists and comparing them with the conditions of a group of God believers.

They have discovered that believing in the existence of "A Creator "for this universe helps man to

live a better social life. Former studies have stressed that theism facilitates the curing  of some chronic diseases as well as some psychiatric illnesses such as depression and despair.

Likewise, this study shows that belief makes man generous and ready to help other people and sacrifice for them. The study is purely scientific ,objective and unconnected with religious motivations.

The study has taken about 30 years, where hundreds of cases have been examined .Researchers

have discovered that practising believers are of more aptitudes to respond to their communities in

comparison with non-believers. Professor Norenzayan , a specialist in Psychology Department ,

Columbia University, says: " we try to reach to the scientific  proof  of the religious influence on the

humans behavior ; religion has enabled people to live in groups . To a great deal, religion may have prevented man's extinction in some age of the past ages ".

Researchers  show that religion increases confidence in other people, reduces worry and prevents man from being a deceiver. Religion has played a major role in the evolution of the human communities overcoming all the obstacles threatening their continuity. Faith makes man happier,

more optimistic  and not afraid of death unlike non-believers who live in misery and pessimism.

The Koran includes and emphasizes these facts: 

Allah, the only creator of everything, promises every truthful believer to have true happy life. Allah says". which is translated as : (when every believer ,whether a male or a female ,does good deeds, We (Allah) guarantees happy life for him \ her rewarding  them for their best acts)  (al-Nahel 97 ). As a result for believing in Allah believers live with much more relief and security than the disbelievers . I myself have found out great differences between two groups of believers and disbelievers, where they both have been asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire .

Atheists always suffer  worrying and instability that are manifested in their reactions , excitements

and  even in their way of responding to my questions , while believers haven't any kind of worry or

frustration thanking Allah in all situations whether good or bad. Also, I have found out that whenever man's belief , certitude and trust in Allah increase, his happiness increases and he becomes immune to depression. 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



Religion makes people helpful and generous -- under certain conditions: UBC researchers,



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