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The day that will make the –newborn hoary- headed


Recent scientific researches prove that great pressures affect the hair of the head by making it white-haired, the thing that is mentioned in the Holy Quran when talking on judgment day horribleness ….

It is a so horrible day which we are unaware of, which the Quran talked about, it is the judgment day. It is the most important day in every human’s life, the day where he/she will see many horrible and pressures, no mountain could bear them, for it is a great day when Almighty Allah becomes angry and He will punish all guilty and arrogant.

The Holy Quran has described the judgment day with many descriptions, such as the day that will make the –newborn hoary- headed, Allah said: (So, in case you disbelieve, how will you protect yourselves against a Day that will make the- newborn hoary-headed?) [Al-Muzzamil: 17]. This Quranic verse indicates the horribleness of the judgment day which will make the – newborn hoary- headed because of the great pressure and horribleness.

One dare says: this Quranic verse is just to assimilate how is the judgment day will be dangerous and harsh, in contrast the recent researches proves that the great pressure will cause white-haired! Thus the white hair refers to the psychological pressure.

Scientists in Japan have discovered the connection between the white hair and the hard circumstances and the psychological pressure. They go on saying that when someone goes under these circumstances, the responsible stem cell of providing the true color to the hair follicles will be exposed to damage, the thing which causes white hair.

Imagine, my dear reader, how is the pressure that every one will face in the judgment day, it is the greatest pressure ever which will damage the cells responsible of providing hair with colors. Hair will be white quickly; indeed the Quraninc verse expresses the impact of the judgment day accurately and scientifically.

This is a scientific fact, Daily Telegraph Newspaper reported about Emi Neshemora, a researcher in Kanzawa University in Japan, who led the research team, when she said that the hair follicles could be exposed to a genetic pressure which would damage the DNA in the body. The DNA cells are faced a permanent attack from harmful elements; such as UV and the radius, in the sense that one cell in the mammals may face 100,000 destructive situations which will affect the DNA daily.

Neshemora talked about the reason behind the colorless of hair which is the gradual death of the stem cells liable of the melanocytes which provide hair its true and young color. Previous researches over mice proved that the damage which the DNA may suffers, is unfixable for being exposed to the nuclear radiations which cause white hair. 


Many researches indicates that the alternate gens play a role in senility in general, and losing the stem cells may result in deteriorating renewing the textile the thing that cause senility quickly. In a research in Cells Magazine, the researchers said: “we have discovered in this research that white hair is the clearest sign of senility and the damage of the stem cells responsible of providing the true color to the hair follicles”.

Dear reader, we dare say that every single word in Allah’s book is true, moreover it contains a miracle and a scientific sign, and if we study the Quran carefully, we will not find a word which contrasts with the truly scientific facts. We could find a wonderful sign in the Quranic verse where someone says: why the Quran has mentioned the hair of the head especially, while the horribleness of the judgment day affects all the body, so why exactly the white hair?

We said: any changes after any psychological pressure could be removed, healed or disappeared gradually by time, but the damage of the stem cells out of the psychological pressure and the hair becoming white is unchangeable or unhealed thing, Allah wants to give us a simple example of the horribleness of that day by using this assimilation, at the same time He gives us a scientific fact … I want to ask you could Muhammad who lived a hard life in desert with conflict with the disbeliever … could he say such words by himself?!


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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