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Free Book: Innovative Way to Manage Time


There is nothing that may a believer regret other than a moment that passed in this life without remembering Allah …

One of our respected sisters presented to me the idea of preparing an article about time management in which I summarize the way I utilized time. It will be for brother readers to benefit and help them in utilizing and investing in time optimally.  Verily, this idea has begun by writing these lines, but I found that the topic deserves more than one article. Therefore, this is the first article in a series I called "an innovative way to manage time,"   It includes my personal experience with time.  I ask Allah to make it useful knowledge and dedication for Allah's sake. The ideas contained in this series reflect the views of my own. I have been through a real experience that anyone can repeat and come up with much better, because Allah Almighty is the facilitator who avails reasons.  We ask Allah Almighty to accept.

Download Free Book (PDF 950 Kb)


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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