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Innovative Way to Manage Time (3)


In this article information that we may have known or heard of many times, however, has any one of us thought of its results and its impact on our practical life? A simple piece of information may be a reason in a total change of a human…

In our journey with time, we pause, reflect and benefit from the experiences of others.  The goal is to optimize investment of time.  We perhaps wonder when we know that the Quran is the first book that provides a great way to manage time. In each verse there is a divine guide that teaches us how to invest the time and achieve success in this world and the Hereafter.

The Quran shows importance of time in a wonderful verse where Almighty says:"To every people did We appoint rites (of sacrifice), that they might celebrate the name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them from animals (fit for food). But your Allah is One Allah. submit then your wills to Him (in Islam): and give thou the good news to those who humble themselves,-" [Al-Haj: The Pilgrimage: 47] Here we find an indication that man does not live more than a few moments in the real scale of time. If we assume that a man lived seventy years, it means that he lived 70 ÷ 1000 equal to 7% of the day only, which is some of the day.

This means that life is very short and in this is a reference to the need to focus on utilizing time and using it for charitable work, what benefits and to achieve success for the individual and the community. Hence, we would like to offer our readers some tips for creative time management, and say: Learn how to predispose yourself to invest time through the following:

·                     Stay away from worries which are the biggest destroyer of time.  Avoid any problem that may lead to another problem, and so worries accumulate and disrupt effective thinking.

·                     Take away any problem that may impair the quality of your life and waste your time.  The best way to avoid problems is to rely on Allah, be committed to prophetical supplications for Allah to shun from you all the evil that Allah knows.

·                     Leave doubt, mistrust, spying, backbiting and gossip... They are fierce enemies of time management.

·                     Leave staring at what Allah has forbidden, this looks lead you to speak and then to more forbidden relationships.   Finally, you will find that you wasted half of your time in things that do not benefit or harm you.

·                     Leave lying because it requires more energy than telling the truth! Lying needs many justifications. It leads you to more lies, and loses peoples' trust in you.  So unknowingly, you lose time.

·                     Your brain is like a computer with a limited space, do not fill it with frivolous and useless ideas, but do not allow any harmful information to enter and settle in your brain as they confuse you and waste your time.

·                     Correct an error immediately ... Declare your mistake and deal with mistakes quickly and do not leave them to exhaust your time and effort.  Err if not addressed immediately, it will lead to a series of errors that are difficult to treat, and thus will be a means of wasting time to no reward.

·                     Do not be arrogant. Arrogance is a characteristic that is hated by Allah and His Messenger. Arrogance leads to chase people away from you.  It takes you to the vanity and disease of greatness, where you do not see the facts as they are.  This leads to a waste of time

·                     Do not overreact and get angry! Anger leads to a complex series of emotions and harmful effects on the body, such as high blood pressure, accelerating heart rate and overload the brain more than its capacity  ... All of these lead to diseases, sudden death and thus losing time.

·                     Do not insist on your mistakes and do not stand blindly loyal to your opinion but find the balance which you always refer to and which is the Word of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. Insisting on the wrong lead to further thinking and further brain strain in working to prove the validity of this error. You will not be able to do so, because error cannot be right. Therefore, it is better to acknowledge the error, and look for a way to deal with it instead of insisting upon...

·                     Do not drink alcohol, do outrageous or listen to music even if it is quiet because they raise emotions and the dispersion of the mind.  Of course, this is my experience, if you like, you can apply.  Try it, you will not lose anything. I would advise you to leave listening to music and change it by listening to the Holly Quran.  Today, there are many means available for all to listen to the Quran through small devices that are cheap and easy to carry

·                     Do not resort to anyone other than Allah. Do not seek assistance or require anything except from Allah, and Allah will create for you the reasons, employ who assists you and will help you save you time, effort and money.

·                     You have to request what is best for you, because this is the greatest way to gain time and make the right decision.  Everything I’ve done in my life is after I have requested Allah what is best for me and I have been successful by 100%.  Everything that I have not requested Allah, it often fails. Requesting Allah what is best for you save you time, because if you rely on yourself, you plan, think, calculate and drown yourself in options and you may take the wrong decision. While requesting Allah what is best for you means that Allah will take the appropriate decision for you, so would you like Allah to choose for you?!

·                     Do not carry on a grudge, no matter how the abuse was! But hand the matter to Allah Almighty.  Put in your mind that death is close to you. You should forgive and take more good deeds, because the world is very trivial, and does not deserve that you bear any grudge against anyone, but pray to Allah to guide them.

·                     Wherever you sit, try to direct the talk towards the remembrance of Allah, the Quran and beneficial knowledge (and in a manner which does not make others feel the change). In this way you can use time in useful knowledge a speech that pleases Allah Almighty.

·                     Do not mock others who may be better than you.

·                     Do not worry, nor grieve!  Anxiety and fear of the future waste time and overtask the body and affect the immune system, which increases the likelihood of exposure to disease.  Replace concern by trust in Allah.  You should know that what has befallen you would never have missed, and what misses you never have befallen you.  Everything that happens to you is from Allah, why grief and fear?

·                     Do not despair! Despair is death, and death means a halt in time. Therefore, optimism and positive thinking lead to the investment of time, whereas despair frustrates man and leads to depression.  Thus, brain stops thinking, and waste time to no reward.

·                     Mastery of work will save time and, unfortunately, this is what is followed by the West today, which led to their superiority to us. When you have mastered your business, you will save a lot of time spent in maintenance and repair.

·                     Leave what does not concern you. This is due to a good Islam. Because intervening in matters that do not harm or benefit, lead to the wasting of time in vain talk, and may return damage to you.

·                     Stay away from controversy because it is a waste of time, unless argument aims to gain or give useful information.

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By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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