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The Speediest Spreading Religion


The western statistics confirm that Islam is the speediest spreading religion in the world, particularly in western countries. Therefore, what are the indicators? Is there any prophetic or Qur’anic miracle? Let’s read….

"Fast-growing Islam winning converts in Western world", report published by CNN site, admits that an amazing number of people is increasingly and rapidly embracing each year in the western world. More 1200 mosques have been built in the United States within 12 years (average of hundred mosques per year). The most astonishing fact is that majority of Americans embracing Islam become Islamic preacher after that they marvelously respect and apply the observance! 

In spite of lack of accurate statistics, majority of researchers confirm that, after the 11 sep. events, more than 20 thousands American are embracing Islam each year. Contrary to all expectations, saying that the number of new Muslims is getting down, the news studies have shown (indicated) that the number of adopting Islam has considerably increased after the 11 sep. events! But why?

In my point of view, he who reads about Islam will soon realize that this is the true religion. In this context, ALLAH told us about Pharaoh Nation that realized Islam is the true religion but denied it. The Almighty says: ‘’Then as soon as Our signs came to them, a beholding, (i.e., as a proof from Allah) they said,"This is evident sorcery."And they repudiated them, and their selves had (inner) certitude of them, out of injustice and exaltation. So look into how was the end of the corruptors.’’ (TMQ, Sû ‍rat An-Naml (The Ant):13-14)

Hence, American experts explain that America has never witnessed such high rate of people embracing Islam like it happened after the 11 sep. events! Buying Islamic books in a wide way after these events, this enables people to have better acquaintance with Islam from its sources. Therefore, they could redress their idea about Islam and easily embrace it.

The most amazing

The most amazing for researches today, is that these new Muslims are becoming Islamic preachers. You find the new Muslim calling his wife, his children, his parents. Then, he starts with his friends and neighbors and so on. Thus, Islam completely changes in the personality of the adopters. The person gives up drinking wine after being accustomed years long, adultery and all what offend Allah. His only care is that Allah the Almighty be satisfied, and here is the glorification of Islam.

What are the reasons?

If we consider the stories of those adopting Islam, we find that most of them haven’t adopted Islam because of science or math miracle, but because he read about Islam and found it a convincing religion that satisfies his desires and fulfils his ambitions. Thus, the real factor is the need to this religion because they find their need in it.

Here, dears, I would like to say if just we do our duty as Muslims in spreading miracles of Qur’an, the number of people who embrace Islam will be incredibly huge!!! Because miracle is a very strong weapon and it is also the weapon of prophets facing atheists and doubtful people. Thus, we should be interested by this science, ei; the miracle science, and find out all means that make it available for non-Muslims.


This show represents the biggest gathering in all over the world, more than 3 million Muslims meet in one place to express how they love and they are fond of this true religion. The most fantastic thing in Islam is the strength of its instructions and their continuity and the wonderful effect on adopters. This proves that it is the true religion, and everything else is vain. The latest statistics reveal that Islam will be the first religion in the world in terms of number within few years!!

What did they find in Islam?

‘’What did you find in Islam?’’, this is a frequently asked question to new Muslims. The answer is often that this person found the reality he has been looking for in Islam. They confirm they found that Islam is the natural religion with no difficulties, no contradictions. Glorified be Allah,  it occurs to me the noble verse in which Allah told us about this:"So set your face upright to the religion, unswervingly upright; (this religion is) the original disposition from Allah upon which He originated (Literally: constituted) mankind. There is no exchange for the creation of Allah. That is the most upright religion, but most of mankind do not know.”(TMQ, Surat Ar-Rû‍m (The Romans):30)

Islam is the religion of natural disposition and this has been confirmed by the greatest Prophet (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him) saying: ‘’everyone is born on his nature disposition’’. This is what an adopter can feel when he embraces Islam. Because Islam is the religion of simplicity, religion of natural disposition,  the religion you feel close to you. 

Then, if ask you anyone having recently embraced Islam about his opinion on the new religion he will soon respond that he doesn’t feel any change from religion to another, but he came back to the natural religion of people, that is Islam. One of new Islam adopters has been asked what pleased him in Islam he said it is totally normal to like Islam, because it is the only religion that address mind and soul all together.   

The biggest rate goes to women!  

The latest statistics indicate that the rate of women embracing Islam is huge in Europe and America, as confirmed by the researcher Karin van Nieuwkerk in her new book: women embracing Islam, saying that woman finds in Islam fairness, dignity and respect from man.

Today, west woman is suffering from man humiliation, used as interest-tool; publicity, advertising, gain-machine, pleasure tool only. Whereas Islam has put her in very high position being mother and educator.  Prophet (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him) said:        ‘’ Treat women in a good way’’. As far as Qur’an is concerned, she has been treated as ‘’abundant good’’ that no one can hate her or mistreat her. For this Allah the Almighty says:"And consort with them with beneficence; so in case you hate them, then it is possible you may hate something, and Allah sets in it much charity (i.e. benefit)."(TMQ, An-Nisa (Women): 19). 

So where can you find such testament in today’s world laws?! Every woman hears this verse should respect Islam and adopt it soon. The problem is not in Islam neither in its instructions but in means that distorted its image and is still doing so.

The story that has drawn my attention 

I have always admired reading stories of those that Allah guided to the straight path of Islam. Therefore, I have always been following those stories and influenced by them, and have been astonished about the big effect of Islam on those people.

There is a very nice story about a British university student who read about Islam and decided to embrace this true religion.

However, a friend of him told him that Islam is the religion of killing, terrorism, oppression!! He answered him that he has read about Islam and he is quite convinced by this mission. Then his friend asked him to give him just one month and he will prove that Islam is the religion of legends.

Then, he went searching in Islamic books and reading Qur’an in order to find things that are in contradiction with the new science. Nevertheless, he was very surprised when he found that Qur’an mentions a lot of accurate scientific realities that he could not imagine. He came back to his friend embracing Islam before him!!

His friend was very astonished and said: I thought you come to convince me not to embrace Islam, but you are doing it before me!!! He answered him: I found that Islam is the true religion, but the western medias have distorted the image of Islam. Thus, I advise you to embrace this religion soon. Because Qur’an is the only book that conforms to the new science!

Hence, brothers, any person studies Qur’an would soon recognize that there is no contradiction neither disagreement in it. This is why Allah recommended us to examine the Qur’an:"Will they not then contemplate the Qur’an? And if it had been from (any where) other than the Providence of Allah, indeed they would have found in it many difference (s).’’ (TMQ, An-Nisa (Women): 82).

Facts from the Book and the Sunnah (Tradition of the Prophet)

Calling to Islam has started since 1400 years by one man, who is Mohamed (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him), and has reached today more than 1400 million Muslims!! But in the beginning, believers were few, and within this weakness and smallness the greatest Prophet spoke about Islam huge spread and that Muslims will be existing all over the world!!

In the beginning of their calling to Allah, Muslims suffered a lot from polytheists’ injustice, evil and being a group of few numbers. What did the compassionate, the merciful Prophet Mohamed (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him)? How did he announced them the good news about what is happening in the future, and how did he raise them somebody spirits,? Words that nobody can say in such circumstances in the beginning, no one can predict about the future of Islam at that time unless a prophet receiving revelation.

The Prophet (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him) says to his companions: ‘’This will reach what reached the night and the day’’. That is to say that Islam will spread wherever there is night and day all over the earth. Indeed, western statistical studies say that today Islam exists everywhere on earth!!

This has been confirmed by Qur’an in a noble verse that this religion will spread all over the world and will prevail over all the other religions: ‘’He is (The One) Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of the Truth, that He (would) make it topmost above all religion; and Allah suffices as an Ever-Present Witness.’’ (TMQ,Al-Fateh (the Conquest):28).

And in this verse, isn’t there a miracle that witness the truth of this religion?! Islam spread we witness today and the western confession that Islam is the speediest and the largest spread religion?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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