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The Rosette Nebula and split of heaven


The Qur'an described for us many cosmic photos 1400 years ago and before any human camera, let us look attentively at this tableau…

In 26 / 7 / 2007 NASA had published a photo for what is they called" Rosette Nebula" which was taken by an infrared telescope. While watching this photo we may think that we are in front of a painting of an artist who used green, red, blue and yellow colors.

Let us look at this great photo:


The Rosette Nebula looks like a flower pained by the use of shining colors, temperature on the surface of the stars inside that nebula is about 25000 degree and it is 5200 light years far from our planet, and the length of the nebula is 45 light years.

The light year is about million* million kilometers

The nebula is caused by a collection of duct and cosmic smoke which are caused by stars' explosions through billions of years; inside that nebula we can find the birth and death of some stars, so that it considered to be an era in the life of stars.    

Here, we have to see how Allah almighty had described the scene of the day of resurrection as stars will collapse and heaven will split and that description is to let us to imagine what will happen at that terrible day. The collapse of heaven is similar to collapse of stars so when we see the photos of collapse of stars  which produce dust and cosmic smoke we have to remember the collapse of the heaven at the day of resurrection, we will see a  nice colored paint of a flower, Allah says: (Then when the heaven is rent asunder, and it becomes rosy or red like red-oil, or red hide *  Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?* So on that Day no question will be asked of man or jinns as to his sin, [because they have already been known from their faces either white (dwellers of Paradise - true believers of Islamic Monotheism) or black (dwellers of Hell - polytheists; disbelievers, criminals)]*Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?)(Sûrat Ar-Rahmân-verse 37-40).

In this verse Allah speaks to atheists who deny the existence of God the creator of everything as if He is talking to them and says" just as you see these explosions and cosmic nebulas and you call it "the Rosette" and you see its wonderful colors as a paint by the use of these telescopes, definitely you will see the heaven collapsing and splitting and you will be asked for all of your deeds", isn’t the time for atheists and disbelieves to enter the stable of belief with all believers?  

We ask Allah almighty to guide us to the right and straight way which is away from atheism and disbelieving.


The seen colors in the photo are not real as it is a computer work because we can't see that star without infrared, so the taken photo must be processed by computers, but if we get closer to the star we can see these wonderful colors as if it is a lovely painting.  


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel





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